What are the ways for a career mum to be successfuly resume work after maternity leave? Maternity leave always seems a very long leave when you just started but before you know it you have few weeks to resume work after the maternity leave.

it’s not always easy for new mums to resume work after work after maternity leave and the reason is that they may still need time to bond with their babies or need more time for their body that went through labour to heal.

There are tips that will ease your transition to work after maternity leave to be successful.


Mom visit creche during Lunch time at work to breastfeed baby… Motherhood is a job of nature

Interview with a Career mum – Nonye Cally Bechi

Get prepare early to resume work after maternity leave:

Do not wait until you have some days to the end of your maternity leave before you start adequate preparation that will help you resume successfully. By three weeks to end of the maternity leave, introduce your baby to a new routine that will good for you and him after the maternity leave.

Shop for breastfeeding essentials

If you have the plan to do 6 months exclusive breastfeeding for your baby as recommended by WHO, you will need to invest in the Nipple cream, breast milk bag, Nursing Bras, feeding bottle set, Breast Pump (Manual or electric), breastfeeding cover, breast pad and the nursing tank.

Be mentally prepared to resume work after maternity leave:

You will need to work on your mindset so that you would be able to transit to work mood without stress. The importance of being mentally prepared to resume work after maternity is to enhance your productivity which cannot be overemphasised.

Identify a reliable Nanny or creche

This depends on your choice of using a nanny or creche but ensures you engage the service of the one with the track records.    Do not rely on the nanny agency’s background check as the final word — conduct your own.

       Be ready to change wardrobe

A few changes have happened to your body and you have added weight therefore you may need to invest in new pairs of shoes and corporate clothes.

Interview with a career Mum – Lola Akinsiun

   Don’t go trying to stuff yourself into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Because they probably won’t fit. Then you’ll feel like crap because it’s been WEEKS since that tot popped out of you, and you still aren’t back to “normal.”

                   Get your hubby, family and friends to be involved

if you do not do so have a good nanny or creche then get your hubby, friends and family members.



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