Men, guys, what’s up? Where are you in the raising of your children? & I hope you young men are not going into marriage with the mindset of JUST owning everyone and having your way because you’re the man?! See, it is more than putting money down! It is everything in between! Your boys will look up to others for guidance and your girls will crave love and attention in the wrong places! They’ll follow people they’re not supposed to just to be told they’re good, just to be validated! It would affect them for the rest of their lives. They’ll resent you but just tolerate you because “one’s father is sha one’s father”! Is that what you want? & you’ll say it’s only their mother that they know!

Oh, things are difficult, the economy is bad, you’re even out of job, for now, that’s understandable. Help shall come! But these lives depend on you still and time does not wait, you sow into their future every day, regardless of the challenges! Wouldn’t you rather brace up and be effective in your role nevertheless? Being a man is not play-play o! There are many things your money cannot and would never do! Don’t allow temporary situations hinder you from fulfilling your fatherhood task!

Ah, how difficult it was for me to trust GOD as a Father!!! I knew HIM as GOD & I honoured HIM, but to wait on HIM and trust for HIS guidance? I didn’t know I should! I even made some wrong choices because I just wanted to settle myself & was looking for validation, unknown to me! I tell you, I’m still in the process of healing COMPLETELY & trusting, sincerely speaking. I crave an earthly father’s love!

Be in your place, fathers!!! The situation surrounding you is not an excuse. Everything you do every day, the little things, contribute to whom your child would become in future & how healthy their minds would be.
Young men, know that it’s not just about wanting a household to CONTROL, but to provide for not only in cash but to LOVE, LEAD, GUIDE, VALIDATE & PROTECT.

Ask the fathers who have, in spite of life’s shovings, strived to do all these! They are the ones that have peace in their old age and “eat the food of the child”! WHERE ARE YOU?!

Sources: @thesolaallyson on Instagram