What to do when you can’t feel your Baby’s Kicks. From 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should be carrying out a regular kick count. This helps you get used to your baby’s normal pattern of movement though babies are not always active in the womb. There are times when they just rest and sleep for long periods
To do a kick count, go to a quiet room free of distractions and sit down with your legs raised, or lie down on your left side, and then start counting your baby’s movements. It’s better to do this twice daily and at the same time each day when your baby is usually active (for instance after taking a walk, after having a meal or a cold drink). Any form of movement counts as a kick, be it a roll or a jab or a punch.  Up to 10 kicks in an hour is a good indication that your baby is as active as he or she should be.
Anytime you feel your baby is no longer active, or movement has reduced, or your baby doesn’t respond to stimulation (example cold sugary drink), you need to seek advice immediately. A reduction in movement is sometimes a warning sign that a baby is unwell.
WHAT TO DO when you can’t feel your Baby’s Kicks :
– Seek advice from your healthcare giver immediately. Please go to the hospital. A fetal assessment will be carried out by your doctor or midwife. They’ll check your baby’s heartbeat, measurement and amount of amniotic fluid.
– If you’re worried about your baby’s movement, or you can’t count up to 10 kicks in an hour after taking a cold sugary drink, please DO NOT WAIT till the next day before going to the hospital, it might be too late then.
DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL. One of the moms in our private group (link in bio) said she was advised to take alcohol to get her baby moving. A pregnant woman should NEVER EVER take alcohol.
Share with us, moms, while pregnant, did you ever feel like your baby’s movement reduced? What did you do?