Are you expecting the Baby number two and you need help to know ways to prevent sibling jealousy with new baby? Then here is help for you. The older child (First child) may have many reasons to dislike the new baby : Newborn takes the parents’ attention, newborn cries a lot, the Poo of newborn etc.


  1. Help the first child to get prepare to meet the Newborn


Preparations of mindset will an advantage for the first child to easily accept the Newborn. Seize the opportunity if you have friends or relatives who have just had a newborn, you should always take your child to play with the baby. You can also help your first child get familiar with the unborn child through by showing him/her your  bump.

  1. Share with your child the benefits of having younger sibling

Firstly, your child will have a person to play with when baby is a few years old. In addition, brothers and sisters are the best friends all his life. If the child is too younger, don’t forget to explain to him that he need to wait for the baby until the younger is a few years old so he can play baby toys with him.

Many kids were disappointed when the newborn is always crying, needing feeding and sleeping all the time and doesn’t play with them! Parents need to explain to their children to know that they’re the same when they’re new born then they will understand and love their new younger siblings more.

  1. Get your child to go with you for shopping for the new baby

Letting your child choose clothes and toys for their new baby makes him feel like an “adult” and wake up his brother/sister nature in your child. And maybe someday, he/she will be very proud to tell their younger sibling about the things he/she had chosen for their younger.

  1. Let your baby “gift” for older siblings

If your older child is just a few years old, it is an interesting idea to make him have good feeling with the baby. Let’s prepare a small and pretty gift and when you have a baby, the child not only has more sibling but also present. Is there any child that does not like a gift, isn’t him?

  1. Don’t miss the “imperfect” details

In case your child is old enough to understand something, you should explain to your child that the baby is not always happy, smiling, but there is sometimes his younger sibling can cry out or nauseate and vomit. Try to help the child understand that he is like that when he was a baby, and the baby also will grow up like your child now.

  1. Allow your child care the baby together with his parents

Depending on the age of your child, you can let him to prepare for the bath towel or get diapers for the baby. By this way, the child will feel he is more helpful. Child really loves being told to do things such as getting clothes for baby or sing the baby.

  1. Teach the child how to hold the baby

Letting your child to hold the baby makes two get closer with each other. However, please remind your child holding the baby only when there is parent there. To be safe, never leave your child alone with the baby because children could hurt the baby when he’s babbling his younger sibling.

  1. Praise your child if it’s possible

When your child takes clothes or diapers for baby for mother, don’t forget to say “thank you” and give him compliment. You should also show your appreciation for your child’s cooperation even when he patiently waits for you to feed the baby.

  1. Take time for your child when baby is sleeping

You can take the child out and it’s also a change for you to move a little bit. Or else you can play some games with your child at home such as puzzles, clay molding if it’s inconvenient to go out.

  1. Encourage the child to talk about their feelings

You can find out if there’s something about having baby makes your child uncomfortable through intimate conversations with him. Then you can explain to him if your child has misunderstood or try to adjust to not creating long-term negative feeling for your child. Chatting with your child is always a good habit to help you understand your child and share with them as well as get his collaboration.