Though during pregnancy baby is covered by amniotic fluid but there are four ways to get your Baby smart during pregnancy this is  beyond nutrition diet to daily habits. Some habits are bad for the good of your baby development but some are ways to help the baby be smarter in the future. So here are four ways to get your baby smart during pregnancy.

Reading: Reading before going to bed helps the mother sleep well and develops language skill for the baby in the future. As well as singing, reading and talking to the baby inside your belly enhance the hearing and connection between mother and child.


Solving of Math : It sounds strange but many Jewish pregnant women believe that doing math can makes the baby very smart. During 9 months of pregnancy, they make an activity schedule and solving math problems is one of it. However, if you want to follow this idea, remember that relaxation is the most important thing for both you and your baby. Solving math problems might be a good way but do not harsh yourself too much.


 Listen to music: Listening to the music helps baby grow smarter – this is familiar to most of mum to- be.  According to specialists, music is not only a relaxation for both mum and baby but also stimulates the baby’s brain. Besides listening to the music, singing to your child is also an effective way to improve development and enhance love between you two.

 Drawing: When you draw, not only your brain but also your baby’s react positively to colors. Don’t bother about good or bad drawing, just your happy feeling while drawing that helps your baby grow smartly. Remember to choose paints or pens, crayons made of non – toxic material or else they will be harmful for your baby.







Which of the these do you find useful?