Vegetables puree recipe contains high levels of dietary fiber and are a healthful addition for babies. While some preparation methods can reduce their fiber content, vegetables puree have as much fiber as fresh.  From 6 months old, babies need vegetables as it aids in their growth and development, infact we all need vegetables but this post  will teach you how to make your own baby food and maybe quit buying baby food from the stores and feed your baby fresh food without any additives or preservatives, just natural and nutritious home made food for babies.

•2 Irish potatoes
•2 Carrots
•I fresh tomato
•Chicken breast or Fish, please make sure the fish is boneless
•Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil

Ripe plantain porridge for babies and toddlers

Wash all the vegetables and cut into smaller pieces and add water so that it is just slightly above the vegetables and then cook until the vegetables are soft, also add few drops of either olive or vegetable oil. Do not add salt if your baby is below 1 year old. Pour cooked vegetables into a blender and blend till it is smooth without leaving any piece of vegetable. You can also add formula to it and feed your baby.

Yeah, that’s it, the yummy vegetable puree is ready to be fed to your baby.How to make healthy Potatoes and egg yolk for babies