In this article, Motherhood Nigeria compiled truth mothers wish they were told before having their first child. Motherhood is a continuous school of learning

In one of the Mom Instagram page we follow that’s fabmumng she asked followers what’s something they wish they were told before having their first child? And what they’ve learned experienced Mamas and new mamas.

Motherhoodng decided to make their comment into an article to help aspiring mum or new mum learn from the wealth of experience of these amazing Nigerian mums.


Below are the numerous things mothers which they know before they have their first child

Truth mothers wish they were told before having their first child:

  • I wish I know that matter how much cocoa butter I use, stretch marks will find its way to appear.
  • They should have  told me motherhood is not an easy journey, they should have told me that there are days I will cry, days when I will be left alone all by myself, days when I won’t even have money to buy things for my child, days of trying to put myself together that I can make it
  • I wish I knew about the natural way to help my breast milk flow to feed my baby
  • How I wish that they told me that its really and truly not easy being a mom.
  • That taking care of another human being is not beans especially the sleepless nights as a new mum.
  • That breastfeeding won’t be easy as people make it be and that it is perfectly okay to supplement with formula without feeling any mum guilt.
  • Hmmm, I wish I knew that the baby won’t stay in his cot.
  • That I will most times not have time to look good because am busy with the baby. I forget to brush my hair till I’m out of the house.
  • That I will be delivering via caesarian (section CS).
  • I wish I was told to forget days of satisfactory sleep.


  • When you are nursing and have sex, the milk flows out of your breast. I was like, what the heck and the constant headache and swollen legs.
  • That sometimes you don’t always have help with the kids when you need it the most. And it OK to dream about the days when you didn’t have them. You’re only human.
  • That postpartum depression is real and can be avoided.
  • wish I was told I could tackle jaundice before the baby comes In case he or she comes with it.
  • Sleep, Sleep, Good Old Sleep! I never knew it would become a privilege to have 4hours uninterrupted sleep.
  • No more ‘Me time’..never….even if you try to create ME time you still stuck thinking of your baby, in fact, you won’t know when u will abandon the ME time and run back to them.


  • That after I had my first C section I would have to always have a C section and had 2 with both my kids the recovery was honestly worse the second time.
  • I wish I was told I won’t eat meat in peace again.
  • That I’ll become supermom surviving on less sleep than I thought was possible.
  • That it is okay to exercise and also not to eat as third war has started.
  • Motherhood: a huge (crazily huge) life-changing experience.
  • I wish I was told labour pain is real madness, Nipple pain touches the brain, the sleepless night is real.
  • That your heart will literally explode with love and your life, with work.
  • That I’d get stretch marks that would never go away.
  • Thirty years ago, I didn’t really know anyone who breastfed dang! Times have changed
  • Motherhood makes you realize that you possess so much strength, so much more than you know. But, guess what, those trying moments don’t last for too long.
  • sometimes miss my single days when I didn’t have to think about 4 people. But hey, I’m thankful for the privilege of mom’s life
  • Advice for new moms: You might not necessarily have the kind of birth you might have a long labour, the baby might be in distress, you might end up having an emergency C-section…Just know that there is no normal or abnormal delivery…All are normal just different types of birth. Do not let anybody make you feel less than how you should feel for giving birth a certain way…It could be your mother or even your in-laws. Be strong and know that if you didn’t make the choice to save you and your baby, you could be dead.


  • That every pregnancy is definitely different! I had a girl first then I had my son and they were and are so so different!
  • That my money is no longer my money. That I will always shop for my baby while forgetting myself… I miss the days my salary was solely mine.
  • That my salary is no longer mine. That I will a
  • always shop for my baby and forget myself…
  • That seriously… Motherhood is such a sweet experience.
  • I was told a million things… But I was a big sister mom prior to having my own children. So I had experience but honestly, no experience is enough because each pregnancy each delivery and each child were totally different.
  • I was never told I could really feel ill in my first trimester, I thought it was just mere vomiting but the first trimester of pregnancy can be really tough.
  • That you must consult the Best Doctor, the best clinic or the best hospital. As my first childbirth gave me lifetime experience.
  • I wish I was told not to eat too much otherwise I will gain lots of weight that is much difficult to lose.
  • I wish I was told that Weaning is another tough journey, serious sickness.
  • I wish I was told it hurt so bad! I never had a kid again for 19 years and then he was 9 pounds 10 oz. a c section and he kicked me in my stitches while breastfeeding. Giving birth and being at the mercy of babysitters is the worse. Better to have kids when you can afford to stay home and care for them yourself!!
  • that I won’t sleep at almighty even before the baby comes… Lol
  • I wish I was told about cracked nipples and how painful it would be.
  • That my salary is no longer mine, that I won’t have my independence and freedom again, that I have to worry so much on what becomes of my child in future, what if I get it wrong with parenting (this scares me most)
  • That sleep is overrated. That it’s easier to enter a keyhole than wean your son off breastfeeding. I’ve realized weaning is a challenge too
  • I am currently pregnant and it’s my first…nobody told me I could vomit until nothing was left in me to the point that I’d feel d baby no longer in me., be dizzy. Nobody told me I could spit for the whole 9 months. That phase will soon be over…will soon be ushered to my sleepless nights n breastfeeding.

  • Sleep… Sleep oo!! I was a little lover of good sleep. But since 2016, I haven’t slept like I used to… Even when I’m alone at home… My mind will be on my child who is in school. Again, my feet got swollen and a size bigger. When a normal size 43/11 gets bigger. You know what it means getting my shoe size isn’t beans… Some veins on my feet still pain me since then… In short, Motherhood will transform your life!!!! It’s beautiful though. Very beautiful!


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