I have a first time mum as a neighbor but recently her baby’s crying becoming unbearable  then I approached her to show concern or give advice if needed.

The new mum look confused and tired because the baby keep crying after sucking breast and taking infant formula at seven months old.

Mummy Pelumi, don’t you think this baby is hungry? I asked and she said ” I do not know any other food to feed him except Pap, infant formula and breast milk. HOW TO MAKE NIGERIAN SWALLOW FOOD FOR BABIES

www.motherhoodng.com present to you tips to help you introduce healthy complimentary foods for your baby ,
A particular food type does not contain all the nutrients needed for optimal growth and development of a child, therefore combination of foods from different food groups in the right proportion is recommended.
Choose at least one item from each food group:

• Cereals and tubers; examples are: maize, millet, guinea corn, rice, potato, cassava, yam, etc.
• Legumes and nuts; examples are: soya bean, groundnut, beans, cowpea, pigeon pea, African yam bean, bambara groundnut / okpa, etc.
• Fruits and vegetables; examples are: mango, pawpaw, banana, avocado pear, orange, pineapple, water melon, dark leafy green vegetables, okra, carrots, tomatoes etc.

Natural homemade food for kids : Banana and avocado
NOTE: make use of fruits and vegetables in season.
• Foods of animal origin; examples are: milk, meat, liver, egg, fish, crayfish, yoghurt, etc.
• Fats; examples are: palm oil, groundnut oil, margarine, etc.

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