There is a miracle growing inside of you and want to avoid big pregnancy tummy but maintain healthy lifestyles that are good for you and your baby. So, if you desire to look fit and healthy here are tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy:

  • Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy: Avoid sugary and junk carbs food

Weight gain is definitely a part of what accompanies pregnancy.  However, the extent to which you add the extra weight and big belly would be determined by your choice of foods and sugary foods, processed carbs like white bread, pasta, cereals, baked foods, are broken down into blood sugar (if they aren’t completely used up as fuel in the body) and are stored in your adipose tissues as fat (usually distributed around the stomach, hips, and bust). Therefore, limit the extent to which you take in these kinds of food, especially around your first trimester when you literally crave for just anything.

Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy

We advise you opt for fruits instead of Sugary or junks foods but be sure to do everything in moderation especially when opting for sugary fruits like oranges, pineapples, and the likes. Excess of these fruits can end up resulting in the same reaction as the processed sugar and carbs.

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  •  Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy: Add healthy fats and Proteins

Proteins (lean proteins especially) are a great choice of meals when it comes to choosing healthy meals. Try to consume more proteinous foods to keep you fuller longer. Eating healthy fats like avocado oil, quality butter, and the likes provide you with the means for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K to be absorbed into your system. Also, note that these healthy fats are crucial for not only your wellbeing but your baby’s development too.

Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy


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  • Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy: Ensure you get enough sleep and rest

There is something about the human body that it adapts and recovers to changes during rest/sleep. Which is why you need to consciously get yourself to relax and sleep well every now and then. Avoid stress and take advantage of anytime you feel the need to sleep and sleep, this does not make you a lazy woman, you are simply following the healthy process that your new status needs.

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  • Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy: Engage in fun exercises

Exercise is a very crucial part of the pregnancy journey and to make sure you maintain a healthy exercise routine during pregnancy, be sure to opt for exercise(s) that you enjoy. Do not go for a particular routine if you don’t enjoy it. You can modify your exercise programs by reducing duration and intensity and generally having fun while at it so that you can keep up with your routine until birth.

Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy

  • Tips to avoid a big Pregnancy tummy:  Remember to

  • listen to your body

Please do not try to keep fit at all cost and stay in shape while pregnant, learn to know your limits and remember to listen to your body’s need just so you don’t hurt yourself or your baby in the process.

Also, it is important you talk to your doctor for professional advice about every new thing (routine) you wish to consider.

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