Congratulations you had a baby few days ago and you are due home today. Unfortunately, you are a first time mum and out of the country or  Grandma is not around so you are going to be alone with baby for a while. Hmmm… how are you going to bath this fragile newborn ?

Not to worry Mummy, here are some tips as shared by paediatrician Dr Gbemi Boyede.

1. Wash  the head first and dry… Then cover with a cap if in cold environment.

2. Clean the face with the face towel dipped in soap and then clean water…. Don’t splash water on the face…. Then dry.

3. Wash the rest of the body with soap and sponge…. Rinse with water… Please be careful… Hold well or use the bath bowl or seat so baby does not slip off your hands… Then dry off the baby and dress up appropriately.
Bathing a newborn Is simple. Just to add that babies DON’T need to be given baths twice a day. Use only WARM water….. Not HOT…. Please avoid hot water burns… We see this a lot….. And NOT COLD . There is NO NEED or any basis for a massage either with hot water or robb or mentholatum. Dress up and wrap up according to WEATHER …… In cold regions or season use cap, mitten and socks with layered wears… When hot, ditch the cap and socks.

Trust you find this tips helpful.