I got pregnant with no prior knowledge or signs of fibroid. I cant remember now if scan revealed while doing the numerous scans . but my baby was late by 1 week and the doctor told me I have to be induced because I was not even dilating well.


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To cut the story short ,after inducing me I was in labour for 3 more days and on the third day I told the doctor to perform C section to safe me and my baby. 
While performing the C section amazingly the doctor saw numerous fibroid and decided to bring the two biggest of them out with the baby .

 I thank God that I’m alive today  and baby also alive because till date I don’t know what happen in that surgery room all I know is that it took hours after I was told baby was out before they brought me out of the theater! What baffles me after the experience is that whenever I tell my delivery and fibroids remover anyone including medical doctors my, people always tells me that was a biggest risk to take by the doctor that conducted my C section, That medically it is not ethics to combine C section with fibroid remover. I just to appreciate God for the gift of life and thank God for a healthy baby.     

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