You just confirm that you are pregnant, I rejoice with you.  If you are searching for what to do once you find out you are pregnant, you are in the right place.

When that positive sign on a pregnancy test is displayed there is automatically feel a thousand different emotions; From shock, scared, happy, worried, anxious and excited. You’re still in disbelief that you’re pregnant and soon will become a mom!  You are permitted to scream and cry out of joy.

Here are useful tips to help you know what to do when you find out you are pregnant:


  1. Inform your husband

This is probably the most amazing news you will share with your husband in your entire life, so make it special! If you have the patience and self-control then I will recommend doing something special and meaningful. If you have kids, include them too! And if this is your first-time pregnancy, be creative and make the announcement to be the exciting way.

2. Visit a Hospital

It is very important to get your doctor involved early to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Your doctor will usually have you take a pregnancy test in their office, may run a sonogram and even have a blood test done to confirm your pregnancy. So this is very important! The faster you see your doctor the faster you will be on track to a healthy and safe pregnancy. Even if you feel fit and healthy visit your doctor.

Benefits of Antenatal care for pregnant women

3. Stop unhealthy habits

Once you find out that you are pregnant, you have to put an end to every healthy habit that may harm you or your baby. If you smoke or drink alcohol you need to stop.

4.Take prenatal vitamins

Once you see a doctor you ‘ll be given calcium, iron and the folic acid. Women who are planning to get pregnant are medically ed to start taking folic acid supplements about 3-6 months before conception. Taking folic acid before and early in pregnancy can reduce the risk of brain and spine birth defect.

The prenatal vitamins, contains vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium that are very important for your baby’s developmental growth.  Please always avoid self-medication.

5. Eat healthily

Start eating more fruits and vegetables, overall having a well balanced and nutritious diet will benefit you and your baby. Yes, you can enjoy junk food once in a while but do not make it a habit. It’s important for your baby’s growth and also it lowers the chances of you having gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.

Tips for Nigerian women to eat healthy in pregnancy

6. Manage your early pregnancy symptoms

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be the toughest when it comes to feeling iffy. Tiredness, sore boobs and morning sickness are all common in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

7. Keep the good news for a while

Though you must hope for the best and stay positive however miscarriages are common in the first 3 months and that’s nature’s way of dealing with pregnancies that will not develop properly. after the first 3 months, the rate of miscarriages drops all the way to 10% and that’s a great time to announce that you are expecting a baby.

8.  Take pictures

You are growing a little human inside of you for 40 weeks, it’s important to create memories.


9.No heavy lifting

This is because when you are bending down to lift something heavy, your movement puts pressure on your stomach.

8 list of house chores pregnant women should avoid


10 . Track your baby development

track your baby’s development in the womb, tell you what to expect next and let you know what you need to do and when.

First Trimester of Pregnancy – Week by Week


Second trimester pregnancy – Week by Week



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