Toys are essential objects: must-have for every growing child. They contribute immensely to the growth and development of children psychologically. Children play with toys, in the course of doing this they discover new knowledge. Toys keep children busy; they engage their innocent minds: creating time for mothers or parents to attend to other things. There are different types of toys ranging from wooden toys, dolls, board games, string pull along with games, art and craft material (playdough), etc.

As a parent that really cares, you don’t just dash into a toy store and pick up any toy for your child without considering certain factors. If you do this: it’s clear you don’t either love your child or you are not enlightened. Below are key factors you must consider when selecting toys for your kids;

AGE APPROPRIATENESS: It crucial to bear in mind the age of your child. For any toy to serve a valuable purpose, it must be ideal for your child’s age. It will amount to a sheer waste of resources to buy building blocks for a child of 9 months; it’s not suitable for her age. Most of the toys Manufacturers usually indicate the age that some toys are suitable for on the toys. Please always endeavour to look out for this at least.

ENHANCES CREATIVITY: The imagination of kids are broaden through their exposure to certain toys because this category of toys engages their brains and mind in critical thinking. Thus, giving them a chance to explore their world. Board games, building blocks, leggo, puzzle, etc are ideal for this purpose.

ENGAGES THE CHILD IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: With toys, kids can have fun, be entertained and exercise their bodies. These can contribute to their total development. They keep them active and full of life. Toys that come with music/ nursery rhymes engage toddlers in physical activities like; jumping, clapping, singing, dancing, etc.

SAFETY: Before selecting that toy from the shelf, ensure that it is made of durable and non-toxic material. Also, the weight must be manageable by your child. Don’t be carried away by the looks of the toys alone….consider safety!

CHOOSE EDUCATIONAL TOYS: Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be achieved just within the four walls of a classroom. Learning do take place through play, toys that are used in the process of play must be educational. This will encourage the child to learn as well as catch some fun.