I was in a parenting seminar a couple of months ago to discuss the topic “Raising billionaire kids”. The question and answer session was particularly a very enlightening experience for me as I listened to different thoughts about teaching children about money. I will be discussing them in the next couple of days. Today the one I want to dwell on is the fact that “not everyone can be an entrepreneur”. Do you also think so? I do agree that everyone can’t be entrepreneurs. There will always be people who are to support a dream because it resonates with them and also because they have the skill to carry on with it. There might not be a reason to go re-invent the wheel.


It is, however, important to note that even though everyone isn’t going to be an entrepreneur; everybody should be financially literate. Financial literacy is supposed to be a minimum prerequisite like spelling or reading that everybody should acquire at an early age. Whether you are aware of it or not, the financial behaviours you develop when you are young are going to go with you into your adulthood. No one can succeed as an entrepreneur unless he or she is financially literate; that’s what makes financial literacy very important.


Asides that any individual who has seeds of entrepreneurship in him or her will also do well in any career. He will take ownership at every given opportunity and this will enhance the way he goes about performing his role at work compared to his peers. For example, an ex-colleague who was also at the event that day shared her own experience. As a child she had to help her mum with keeping records of her business transactions. She used her weekends for that and she didn’t have the leisure of doing it at her pace. Her mum made her take ownership and she had to act in her mum’s capacity sometimes, when her mum wasn’t available. By the time she finished college and started to work, she took it very seriously that she was able to get double promotions twice. Currently she runs her own business and the skills she learnt over the years are still with her.


The fact remains that anyone that thinks like an entrepreneur can’t stop thinking that way. With the right lessons on any task they have the ability to succeed at it. Ultimately this will breed more and more success, so if you want to have a successful child, why don’t you sow seeds of entrepreneurship in him or her and then allow him to make his decisions on career or what works and doesn’t as he goes along. Remember, it has nothing to do with the role but what they become in the process.

Gbonjubola Sanni – she is a Public Speaker and Conference Teacher who is passionate about women’s interests, a financial literacy advocate for children who has authored two books on financial literacy for kids. Director of Eadda Kids Enterprises.


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