When a woman is pregnant with multiple babies it is known to be double blessings, but there is are significant differences compared to normal pregnancy. Symptoms and useful Tips for multiple Babies pregnancy are listed here.

There are many signs and symptoms of multiple pregnancy but the only way to be 100% positive that you are carrying multiples is through ultrasound. Some symptoms that show that one might be pregnant with more than one babies are;

Facts about Baby’s soft spot “OKA ORI”

Increased appetite more than that of singleton

larger uterus with dates which reflects facts that there are two or more embryos instead of one
Extreme breast tenderness
Wanting and needing to pass out urine frequently
Extreme tolerance for foods, smells, textures, and appearance of food
Extreme nausea from early pregnancy
Exacerbated exhaustion *more uterine cramping not due to blood loss but as a result of uterus expanding relatively quickly
Sensing that the heart is working harder than usual
Moodiness, prone to tears, mentally unstable, these labile moods are more extreme than normal pregnancy
Baby movements are experienced earlier than the standard 15-16weeks

Twin pregnancy also carries higher risks than a singleton pregnancy, such as;

1)premature birth(before 38weeks of gestation)
2)smaller babies with lower birth weight
3)one baby smaller than the other
5)gestation diabetes
6)high tendency of cesarean sections
7)high tendency of miscarriage if proper attention is not given

Some basic steps to ensure safe gestation period and delivery are:

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1) regular antenatal care
2) getting right body’s nutritional demands from a dietician
3) getting plenty of rest
4) regular ultrasounds
5) planning for and planning earlier than expected delivery
6) more folic acid to help stave off birth defects
Other facts about twin pregnancy,
More weight is gained due to more amniotic fluid.

Average weight gained is 30-35 pounds, not more than 40 pounds and not less than 15 pounds
It is also likely in women over 30 years of age, or with a family history of twins. Also in those who had fertility assistance or previously conceived twins may experience it.