Sudden infant death Syndrome is the unexplained passing of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year after birth. It usually happens during sleep and also referred to as crib death because it happens mostly in the crib.

Although the cause is unknown, It appears to be associated with defects in the portion of an infant’s brain that controls sleep and arousal.
Due to this uncertainty, research has identified factors that may put an infant at risk.

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These are following:
~Below Birth weight- having a premature birth or multiple birth affects the baby’s brain maturity therefore he’s unable to control automatic processes as breathing and heart rate.
~Respiratory infection- Most infant’s who died of SIDS had a history of cold which impaled breathing.
~Brain Defects
~Sleeping on the stomach or side- Babies who sleep on their back sleep better than when laid on the side or on the stomach.
~Too much heat
~ Too much warmth increases the chance of SIDS
~Soft Surface
~lying face down on a fluffy surface could suffocate a baby.

Parents are advised to make conscious efforts to prevent sudden infant death by doing the following: ~Always lay your baby on the back during sleep time and ensure others do same. Do not assume others will know how best to lay your baby.
~Keep the baby warm but not too warm to afford overheating.
~It is ideal to sleep in the same room with your baby till they are like 1 year old as babies require constant attention. ~BREASTFEED YOUR BABY! It reduces the risks of SIDS
~ Ensure you Immunize your baby.

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