It is amazed by how easy it was to access coconut water in Nigeria and how much it was taken for granted. Most houses we visited had producing coconut trees; they are also easily accessible on beaches and in local markets. If you have a personal goal to stay healthy this year, young coconut water is one of those things you should incorporate into your diet. Replace store bought juice and soda (minerals) with fresh coconut water. Please whatever you do, avoid packaged coconut water, they contain excessive amount of salt and sugar in most cases.
Benefits of Pure coconut water:
1. Has the potential to lower bad cholesterol
2. Extremely rich in Potassium (more potassium than 4 medium sized bananas)
3. Has better hydrating properties in form of electrolytes than most sport drinks on the market
4. According to Barbara Mendez, RPh, MS, a NYC-based nutritionist and registered pharmacist. “Fresh coconut contains enzymes that help to detoxify and repair the body”
5. It aid in weigh loss
6. Coconut water is TASTY!


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