Tomatoes are extremely popular food crop in the world, not to mention Africa. They possess precious dietary and nutritious qualities, moreover, there is a big variety of tomatoes. Tomatoes are sought-after and quickly sold in markets.

Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene, its redness makes it an excellent source of antioxidant agents and the presence of Vitamin E in the vegetable strengthens the health and aids sharpness of the eyes. As far as health and nutrition is considered, tomato is a notable bigwig.

This fruit/berry is used practically everywhere: Nigerian cuisine cannot live without this red-cheeked ingredient. Tomatoes are consumed fresh, boiled, fried and tinned. They are used to producing tomato paste, puree, ketchup, tomato juice and lots of other dishes and sauces.


Tomato harvesting period depends on sowing time be that because it takes about three months for tomatoes to become ripe, juicy and yummy. After that you can start it over again: prepare seeds and soil, weed and fertilize, fight against insects and gather the harvest.

This is the classic way of turning fresh, ripe tomatoes into something you can enjoy all year long. Whole peeled tomatoes are perfect for turning into sauces, using for Jollof rice or adding into stews. All you need is tomatoes, a large pot, seal-able jars, and some time. No special skills required.

Here are the processes to follow to preserve your Tomatoes all the year:
1 wash your tomatoes with pepper and whatever you need to add
2 grind it smooth and boil for say 20-25 mins depending on the heat
3 step it down and allow to cool then pour into a rice bag for the water to drain
4 once drained pour The content into a mayonnaise bottle and use a good tape to cover the bottle then you are done
You chose how to preserve either you leave on your kitchen counter or you store in the freezer

With this information I believed you can now buy tomatoes in large quantity when its season and preserved to enjoy it when is out of season.