Parents have been asking questions about the practical ways to stop a child from bed wetting and MotherhoodNg presents the solutions that will help your child dry -free night.

Practical ways to stop a child from bed wetting

The truth, however, is that bedwetting or primary enuresis (PNE) as it is also called, is very common although not many parents will admit that their child bed wets. Bedwetting is common in young children but it gets less common as a child gets older. Bedwetting is also slightly more common in boys than girls. “Bed-wetting, from the name, means when a child wets the bed at night. The medical name for bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis. Research showed that about 45 per cent of children wet the bed if one of the parents did same when they were also children, and about 75 per cent of children would do same if both parents experienced the similar situation as children. This shows that bed-wetting could be hereditary,”

While many parents resort to punishment to stop this nighttime habit, this will most often not help the issue. Children may feel bad about wetting the bed, so let the child know he is not to blame is very important and that bed wetting is not a behaviour problem. Flogging and punishment will not help your child stop bedwetting. “It could also be due to an over-active bladder. Parents can help the child overcome this by using words of encouragement and reassurance to such child. The child should not punish severely; the parent should help the child with soothing words, and let him/her know that it is not his fault because other children have the same kind of problem,’’

The following are some of the Practical ways to stop a child bedwetting:

  • Limit the amount of liquid your child drinks in the evening
  • Ensure the child go to the toilet before going to sleep.
  • Eliminate caffeine from your child’s diet. Caffeine can be found in coke, coffee, bitter kola etc.
  • Have your doctor screen your child for any medical conditions
  • Ensure the child pee before going to bed.
  • Have your child practice bladder training “Most times in Nigeria, the child is given severe punishment or the parents humiliate the child or use negative words.
  • Let the child know that it is a developmental problem that will go away.
  • Help the child by reducing his fluid intake at night and waking up the child at night to urinate.

Practical ways to stop a child from bed wetting

Practical ways to stop a child from bed wetting

Some parents and siblings sometimes publicly embarrass the child who experiences nocturnal enuresis. As a result, the child is withdrawn from social activities that children of his ages normally engage in. Also, there is a strain in the relationship with his peers; the child is reluctant to go out for holiday camps or school excursions. Such social problems could lead to bigger ones. “I would advise parents to help the affected child and let the child know that the habit is not caused by him or her. The child would come out of it eventually, but they need to show him or her love and care.




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