I was opportuned to be a part of the maiden edition of the Children’s Book Club Event hosted by Channels Book Club in Lagos recently. This event was put together to help the publishing and writing industry thrive, increase the level of literacy in our society significantly and also promote a new reading culture, particularly among our children.


I was particularly impressed with the performance of some of the children who already showed different skills with respect to reading and learning from the art of reading. Like Ali Baba said, what reading helps you do is to go to different places in the world in your mind before you ever have the opportunity to, thereby improving on your exposure and versatility.

Sometimes ago I sat down to think about what it takes to stand out and one of the points was I concluded on was to be knowledgeable in all subjects, well informed and intelligent amongst others. This will come by reading and having a love for information. This doesn’t come by wishful thinking but by making that effort to pick up a book and read.


As adults one of the treasures we can give our children is helping them to discover that reading is a skill meant for the great. Let them see you read. Read with them before they can read on their own and as soon as they can buy books for them and encourage them to read them. You should also make out time to read with them regularly. It won’t come easy especially now that the media (television, internet, etc) and technology (ipad, tablets, etc) continue to provide alternatives but I can say it will be worth it. Let them read far and wide and like the scriptures says, when you point them in the right direction as children they will not be lost when they are old.



Gbonjubola Sanni – she is a Public Speaker and Conference Teacher who is passionate about women’s interests, a financial literacy advocate for children who has authored two books on financial literacy for kids. Director of Eadda Kids Enterprises.


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