In celebration of motherhood, we reached out to amazing mother, Lawyer and TV Co-host to share her motherhood experience. On fertility and motherhood, Nyma shares her experience with us to inspire other mothers.
Nyma Akashat-Zibiri share motherhood story
Please from Nyma Akashat-Zibiri below:
On my motherhood experience:
My name is Nyma Akashat-Zibiri. I am a
 a young mother of two amazing children. I will say I have always enjoyed grace. As a young first time mother, my mom and mother-in-law were both there for me for the first 40 days which ended very fast. I was diagnosed with cervical incompetence after the natural delivery of my daughter 6 years ago which led to the loss of my second pregnancy through a pre-term birth at about 6 months. So when I became pregnant the third time, I stayed for 6 months in the hospital on bed rest starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy.
This is after a cerclage was put in the cervix to help hold my champ back. I was extremely excited on the 18th of September 2016, when my bundle of amazement arrived perfectly healthy. Alhamdulillah! But this was short lived as I soon had to begin worrying about where to leave him. Fortunately, my neighbour immediately came to my aid and offered her daughter to accompany me to the station and back every day to help me mind him. Not even a car accident 2 weeks in resumption discouraged her.  We stopped the journey once my baby was 6 months old. She helped me wean him and watched him until I returned every day. Till date, she has continued to be my support system in mothering my children. I am imperfect as a mother but a perfect one by the grace of God. Alhamdulillah
Nyma Akashat-Zibiri share her motherhood story
On my infertility journey
I always had irregular menstruation and loved it most times. However, I started to worry once I got married and I felt it was odd. I would miss my period and it would be months before it came again. I was sitting at home with my husband one day and my shirt got soaked with a stained fluid from my breast. I wondered if it was a sign that I was pregnant but the doctors said I had a hormonal disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS.
I stupidly asked the doctor how long it would take to get cured and he said maybe in ten years….. I almost slipped into depression and quickly started treatment. Alhamdulillah, I got pregnant and had a daughter 6 years ago.
I need to emphasize that my husband is the most supportive man alive for the way he kept the faith and saw me through all my trials. I had threatened him that I don’t think I had any fertility problem and that he must confess if he had one but it turned out I was the one with the problem and he never even remembered or referred to that conversation. He loved me through my treatment and pregnancies and bed rests and everything.