Bathing a small baby is lovely, but you might be a bit nervous about doing it. Here’s how to make baths enjoyable – for both of you.

The prospect of giving your baby his first bath can be a little daunting, but with a bit of preparation it’s easy.

First of all, pick a time to bath your baby when you’re not going to be interrupted. It’s essential you never leave your baby alone in the bath even for a few seconds. If you are interrupted and need to leave the room, take your baby with you.

Natural baby food Apple puree


Small/short stool
Baby bath bowl
Wash bowl
Hooded towel
Warm water
New born bath gel or soap(I like Johnson baby, No tears)
Wash cloth
Mild antiseptic like savlon or purit
Methylated spirits- for the navel
Baby lotion or shea butter
Baby oil/or coconut oil

Baby diaper
Baby comb for those with full hair
Baby clothes

You can choose to bath your baby in your bathroom if big enough, spacious corridor or your room.
Close all windows, turn of fan and Air-condition, ensure the room is at room temperature.
Ensure all items are at arm’s length if you do not have assistant.
Put the warm water in the wash bowl. The water should be warm, not hot. Check it with your wrist or elbow and mix it well so there are no hot and cold part.

Place the small stool in front of the baby baff &place your legs across it.
Carry your baby on your thighs ( make sure your legs are clean)
Dip the wash cloth in the warm water and drip on the navel of you baby at least 3 times
Put a drop of bath gel on the wash cloth and lightly rub the body of your baby, the neck, the arms, underarm, legs, etc concentrate on folds for fat babies

Use your hand to scoop the warm water to rinse the lather off your baby.
Now turn your baby, with head towards your feet
Scoop the warm water and pour on your baby’s head, use the lather from the wash cloth to avoid too much soap on your baby’s head to wash off excess oil.
Rinse the wash cloth, & Use the warm wet wash cloth without soap to clean the face of your baby

(you can start to wash your baby’s face with the bath gel or soap when your baby is about 2-3weeks old).
Please note that this process has to be done fast to prevent the water from getting cold and freezing your new born


Rap your baby in the hooded towel, your can hold your baby for 2-3mins to get him/her warm.
Use the baby lotion or shea butter(Ori) to moisturize your baby.
Moisturize you baby’s butt with vaseline& use penicillin for circumcised penis, and cover with diaper (ensure the diaper is not tight).
Use cotton wool to get sufficient amount of Methylated spirit to rub the navel, clean from bottom to top
Dress your baby in warm clothes
Moisturize your baby’s head with baby oil, then comb(Always ensure your baby’s hair is moisturized)