I am sharing my motherhood story to give hope to someone out there.,as you read, may God show up for you timely like He did for me.
I got married in 2008 to the love of my life, we were not trying to conceive but I got pregnant at 3 months but by 8 weeks into the pregnancy, I started bleeding and tried all we could with the help of our Doctor to save it but couldn’t. The doctor had to evacuate the pregnancy.
‎I got to know I had fibroids, though they were really small but were in the womb and was told 2 removes them surgically or it would make it difficult carrying a pregnancy to term. We tried all we could to get rid of them without surgery but by 5 years down the road, we opted for surgery since I could not get pregnant.
My motherhood story In January of 2013 I finally had a successful surgery. I got pregnant in November of the same year and had another miscarriage in December. Throughout the year 2014, we didn’t achieve another pregnancy, I got pregnant again in 2015 and it was a smooth trip all through. By the 7th month, my blood pressure started to rise, I was placed on medication and even bed rest, but none worked and I become so swollen and sleepless night also sets in. Despite all efforts, my baby girl died inside me by the 8th month due to the high blood pressure, I was induced for another 4 days and I couldn’t deliver her so I was operated upon.   Fast forward to 2016, I got pregnant again and all went well, but by the 8th month, the same condition of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure set in again, because of the previous experience, we put pressure on our Doctor and I was operated upon, I delivered a baby girl, so healthy, strong but so little,she weighed just 1.76kg at birth. She never went into the incubator. We got home a week later n she gradually added weight. My daughter just turned a year in May and God has been so Faithful, she does things like the speed of lightning, she’s intelligent ‘she’s beautiful, so full of life n do things her age mates can only imagine and oh did I mention so healthy!. I just to encourage someone reading this – “Don’t give up because God has not given up on you”.

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