It took 5 years after marriage before I started having my children…. 5 years of pain, agony and frustrations…
Here is my story about the journey of motherhood and inspired to share it with Nigerian mum and every mum to be to encourage you that your season of joy is very near. I believed you will find few useful lessons or  tips in it:
I did five IVFs, went to different hospitals, went to different churches and herbal homes.
Even in all these confusion, I never lose sight of the promises of God ‎in his words concerning my situation:
I confessed and personalized these promises: Psalm 113: 9, Jeremiah 29:11,  Exodus 23:26, ………. I wrote the names of my would be children (2 boys, 2 girls), I keyed into the promise of God on restoration for twins. I sowed seeds for my twins (each time, I see any twin children, I give them a gift and ask their mother to pray for me). I visited the motherless homes every 2 months.
At last, God showed up and proved himself faithful in my life…HE GAVE ME EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED…2 girls and 2 boys… among them are my twins.
My dear sisters, whatever you are going through now is not the end. YOU TOO WILL BE  JOYFUL ‎MOTHERS OF CHILDREN. The LORD that did it for me is still on the throne…He will also do it for you so that you will stand and testify someday.
Do not lose hope…those that have called you barren will one day call you IYA IBEJI, Mama ejima…

Do you have personal or family friends testimony who has conquered delay in conception battle and they are a joyful mother now? kindly share it in the comment section below or send mail to [email protected]