The final episode of My C section motherhood story is here and really glad you have enjoyed the previous episodes; you have laughed hard, cried, and laughed again. I am truly glad that I told my story and bared it all exactly as it happened and did not hide anything. Little did I know that many will be encouraged in their hearts.

Something amazing has already happened; a baby that should have been aborted has been saved because I chose to share my story. A great and glorious destiny has been preserved. C-SECTION MOM, SUPER MOM! is already a miracle!

final Episode is party time!

But before we get on the dance floor, I would like to fulfil my promise and give you the gist about how I got pregnant for my daughter Cherish barely 4 months after such an experience even with the solemn promise ‘someone’ made never to touch me ever again.

Please kindly permit me not to be too ‘serious’ in this episode. As we all know, we are at a party. I hope your wine glasses are ready?’s the gist:

After the C-Section, I healed pretty fast and I recovered speedily, in fact, people would never guess I had a C-Section.

It happened that I was still adjusting to my new motherhood role. For the benefit of those who do not know, after childbirth, it is expected that the new mother and baby return to the hospital for a thorough check-up and immunizations 6 weeks after.

I went at 6weeks with my son and my mom. While we were there, the doctor clearly instructed me not to get pregnant again until after a minimum of 1 year and 6 months, by W.H.O standard, it is 2 years.

I took the information seriously and headed straight to secure myself through family planning. My husband was very happy that the wait was over after 6 weeks so he could ‘possess the land’.

For some women, while they exclusively breastfeed their child, they do not ovulate and for that reason, cannot get pregnant until they stop breastfeeding.

Brothers and sisters, my case was different, in fact, days after I returned home from the 6 weeks check up, my periods resumed their monthly shift.

I knew then that I needed to be extra careful. But I had no fears as I had my family planning in place plus double shielding. Full proof system!

Till today, I can’t explain how our daughter Cherish found her way into our home.

On the 5th month after my delivery, I kept on waiting for the monthly shift to commence. No show, I kept on the show still. After a while, I couldn’t bear it anymore and I told my husband. The following day, he got a pregnancy test kit and my people, alas! The ‘belle’ was a real something!

We both died there instantly.

To be honest, I can’t actually remember who in particular between both of us resurrected first from the ‘die’.

The following two weeks in our home was as though we had converted our home into a monastery. It was silence all through. The cries of Kendrick were the only sounds emanating from our apartment. I am sure our neighbours must have assumed we had travelled for the festive season.

My husband would sit and suddenly exclaim, Ha! I have used my own hand to land us in trouble. In my mind, the response would be, “Hand? Did you just say hand? Oh please, you know the exact part of your body that landed us into this ‘big mess’.

Choi…How was I going to break this news to my mom?

She was actually with me in the doctor’s office when he warned me not to get pregnant until 2 years time. She must not hear this!” I thought to myself.

For two whole weeks, our home was as cold as the temperature in a cold room. My husband would go to work, come home and lie down quietly. In fact, we would walk around the house consciously avoiding contact with each other.

And at night when we went to bed, the space between us will be wide enough to build a nice 2 bedroom bungalow.

Mehn.. ‘who did we offend?’

I found the courage to contact my ANC nurse and she encouraged me and asked me to resume antenatal immediately. This was barely 4 months after my experience. Kendrick was still being exclusively breastfed at the time. He wasn’t even sitting yet at the time. My husband kept on regretting his ‘action’.

I confessed to my sister-in-law and she encouraged me, telling me that I will be fine. And that I should take things easy.

I finally summoned the courage to call my mother-in-law (MIL) over the phone to break the news to her. This was how our conversation went:

Me: Mummy good evening ma

MIL: Oh my daughter, how una dey?

Me: We are doing fine ma. Mummy, there is something I want to tell you but I don’t know how you will take it

MIL: I’m your mother, please go ahead and tell me

Me: Mummy, I am pregnant oo

MIL: You say?

Me: Mummy, I said I am pregnant

MIL: Who is speaking? Is this not Priscilla?

Me: Mummy it’s me. I just found out (she quickly interrupts)

MIL: Heeyyyy…who sends you message my daughter? Don’t you know that rat and smoked fish do not stay together?

I will put you in my prayers (a woman is praying machine), God will help you, you hear? But after you give birth to this baby, you will come and live with me and your daddy over here for 1 year because rat and fish do not stay together.

Greet your husband for me, tell him I said well-done oo.

Me: Ok ma. Thank you, mummy.

Our conversation ended on that note.

I relayed her message to my husband, and till today, we are still trying to figure out who between us the rat is, and who is the smoked fish?

I had several scary thoughts and ‘what ifs’ occupying my mind. What if my scar reopens, what if I die, what if this destroys my womb and so on and so forth.

I finally said to myself, the deed has been done, make up your mind and enjoy this pregnancy, Priscilla.

You see my people, in life, when things are out of your control, the only thing you can do for yourself decides to maximize your situation. Just find a way to do so. Sincerely, what happens ‘to’ you, is not as important as what happens ‘in’ you.

I made up my mind to enjoy the journey regardless of whatever the outcome might be. It was one of the best moments of my life.

And so, I registered at the hospital for antenatal and I kept on eating right and maintaining a positive mindset.

I continued breastfeeding Kendrick up until he was 9 months old, by that time, I was 5 months pregnant for Cherish.

My parents only found out after this time because I had to travel over for a visit and thankfully I wore dresses that hid the 5 months old pregnancy. I was so sound that my mom had no cause to fear.

And that was how I went on to have 2 successful C-Sections in approximately, 1 year.

So, **clears throat** 

The party is starting right away!

I only want every one of us to bear in mind that together, we can change the world and make it a better place.

C-Section Moms are Super Moms, they have for so long been spat and humiliated. It is high time they are celebrated. You sure know how it feels when a tiny razor or kitchen knife cuts your finger right?. In fact, some of you will carry plaster like a wedding ring on that hurt finger for one month.

But these women, they are cut layer by layer and wide enough for a human being to be born. And immediately, they are asked to start breastfeeding their babies, neglecting their own pain.

Celebrate every C-Section Mom you know, She is sacrificial!

So friends spread the word; the mentality around the C-Section procedure is still very poor and should be corrected. It will go a long way in reducing maternal and infant mortality rate all over the world especially in Africa.

The C-Section procedure is a life saver.

This One is for You, yes You:

Your experiences, however, they may be are not as important as how you respond to them. Know and believe that you are a gift to me and the rest of the world. You have a solution in you that many lives depend on. Shine your light! The sky is wide enough, we all can fly.

This brings me to my new mantra for life:

“Nothing Hinders Me!”

You can adopt it too and say it repeatedly to yourself until you believe it.

Me: Waiter, I hope the wine has gone round everyone?

Chief Waiter: Yes C-Section Super Mom!


Please raise your glasses, everyone…

To an Unhindered life…


Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

DJ, Hit the music!

This story doesn’t end…


Priscilla Canice-Obi



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