welcome to the second episode of the C-section motherhood experience of a Nigerian Mum Mrs Priscilla Canice obi.



********** EPISODE 2**********

Then they kept encouraging and telling me how impressed they were that I wasn’t screaming and shouting like some of the other women, little did they know that I had so many thoughts/questions running through my mind.

After 2 more hours, I was given another pack of oxytocin (hot drip) to hasten the labour. Yet, there was no improvement.

Then it became obvious that my strength was waning, I had to be infused with glucose, meaning that my second hand that was free all the while will now be carrying another line.

On one hand the hot drip line was attached, on the other hand, it was glucose running into my body.

All the plans I had made to go on Social Media after my delivery to post “Hebrew woman delivery things” were fading right before my very eyes.

And then something really bad happened, my baby had pooped his first poop (meconium) in my womb. Meconium, very greenish and slimy semi-liquid started gushing out of my body with so much water.

The doctor now indicated that there was a problem. This was the second doctor now; the first had ended his shift and had closed for the day.

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This doctor asked that I be given the third pack of oxytocin. Oh my goodness! The pain is better imagined than explained. With all their efforts, 4 more hours passed and the labour still did not progress.

Then, I asked God…”Did you forget me here in the labour ward? I’m still here, and I am in so much pain, you said you would never leave nor forsake me, but I think you have.”

But just then, the voice of the doctor interrupted me at about 5:00 pm, “I am done with my shift and I have to go. You are a strong woman. I am sure you will have your baby soon. I will see you and your baby tomorrow when I resume duty, Doctor Chima (not real name) will take over from where I stopped”.

At this point, I couldn’t hold back tears anymore. I cried. However, this doctor believed that I will have my baby soon, and so I encouraged myself and the labour continued.

Dr Chima was a calm matured doctor; he was surprised at the length of time I had been in active labour. He checked through my progress file and felt really sorry for me.

Then he had to ‘check’ me again. This meant another round of extremely painful poking. I laboured for more hours.

Outside the labour ward, my husband and my mom had gone weary. They were the only ones now left waiting at the once crowded lobby except for one woman whose daughter had delivered but had to be stitched because she had a major tear.

The others had followed their wives and daughters to the postnatal ward to celebrate the safe delivery of the new babies but Priscilla was still in misery.

My people began to lose hope…


To be continued….

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