In celebration of Mother’s day 2019, Motherhood Nigeria reached out to experienced mothers and role models to share their experiences, nuggets and life lessons to inspire us in this motherhood journey.
We are excited to have Mrs Ranti Ajayi to share her inspiring experience with us.
Please read from her below (Feel free to drop your question or compliment words in the comment section below).
My name is Ranti Ajayi
I’m a mother of four children, 3 girls and a boy – with ages ranging from 31 to 17. And a Fabulous GLAM-MA of 3 beautiful girls.
I got married 31 years ago and had my first baby exactly 3 weeks after.
It was a common thing at that time for your parents to insist you get pregnant before marriage.
I was trained as a Nurse, so Motherhood was not so difficult for me. I was able to bath and fed my children without any assistance.
I devoted a lot of time to my children, did a lot of school runs even without a car. I was involved in their homework at every stage. celebrating motherhood RANTI AJAYI
At a particular time in my Nursing career, I had to change from a government hospital to a private hospital so as to have time for my children and avoid night duties because my husband as a Doctor was always on call in the night and we realized both of us cannot be away from the house at the same time.
The main thing I will like to emphasize is spending quality time with children. I was available for my children right from their Nursery days all the way to University. My children were always well dressed not necessarily with expensive items. We also understood the importance of good nutrition and ensured they were well fed.
I share a good bond with my children even till today because I laid a good foundation for that. They are free to talk to me whenever there is something bothering them.
I will also like to mention that raising children without the God factor is a recipe for disaster. Our children were raised knowing God. As parents, we brought them up in the way of the Lord and that has helped them in many ways.
Motherhood to me is a wonderful experience because I had and still have the support of a good husband.
Raising my last child who is 17 was a bit different from others because of the challenges of the society now which is quite different from what it was then. In those days, there was no internet and no phone, the only recreation at home was a TV unlike nowadays with social media.
Celebrating motherhood RANTI AJAYI
I was always coming home with different stories that will scare them, an example, I told them of a story (of course I made it up) that a Secondary school student was brought to the hospital where I was working than almost dead. she was bleeding profusely after an abortion and eventually the Doctors saved her life but her uterus was removed and she cannot have children again and of course, the boy who impregnated her was a Neighbour’s son.
It was just for them to know that sex was forbidden at their age. That’s our own way of sex education.
We love to hang out together, my children have very good memories of growing up and we also have an acronym for ourselves…
I thank God for the grace of MOTHERHOOD