How to choose between Motherhood and Career Omawumi share her thoughts   It is easy to look around you at other mothers that seem to have it all. They go to work every day, build their careers and manage to be spectacular mothers. It could make you feel like a failure especially if you are constantly trying to find a balance.

Here is the thing, we are all trying to find that balance. As mothers, we have a challenge most fathers do not. We are the primary caretaker especially here in Nigeria and no matter what, motherhood will affect our lives and business. And that’s okay.

Singer, Omawumi feels the exact same thing as she revealed in a recent interview with Guardian Life.

On how motherhood has affected her singing, she said, “Yes! I won’t lie. It is a very difficult choice to make but you have to make that choice. Most people find a beautiful balance, especially when money dey many and I pray that God gives me the room to get that kind of balance.”

Omawumi share her thought on Motherhood and career

She added that the pressure to always be the superwoman and have it all can make you feel like you are doing something wrong but she has learned to accept that, no matter how you try, motherhood will change things. Hopefully, it will make you more motivated and passionate. But remember, even if there are setbacks, you are not alone and it does not mean you won’t get back up again.

Stay determined and you will eventually find the right balance.