“Beyond the beautiful pregnancy shoots, pretty baby clothes, sweet fragrances of baby care products, really cute and adorable baby pictures, Motherhood can be a whole lot of WORK.

I am almost certain that you were not prepared for the surprises that came along with motherhood. Your baby crying without reason, your nipples on fire, the huge size of your tummy even after delivery, baby illness and confusing remedies, managing house chores, career, and business alongside caring for a tiny new baby can be overwhelming. 
Well, congratulations! You have a handy, practical and extremely helpful all-in-one resource from an expert now.

MOTHERHOOD 101-A HELPFUL GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED AS A NEW MOM” will make your transition and journey into Motherhood a lot easier, and help provide you with relevant information that will help you care for your baby.

Topics covered in this book includes...
Safety tips with Newborn.
The Dos and Don’ts for Newborn.
Natural skin care for Babies.
Handling teething.
Oral care for Baby.
Why your Baby may be crying.
Routines to get your Baby to sleep.
Guide to select a good crèche.
Effective ways to wean a baby. 

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Recipes of healthy foods to introduce to your baby from 6-12 months.
How to choose the right formula for Baby.
Natural foods that increase breast milk production.
How to care for your Nipples.
Tips to help you exclusively breastfeed for 6 months.
How to store breast milk properly.
Preventing breast engorgement.
Safety tips at home with toddler.
Tips to handle toddler when Baby 2 arrived.
and many other important topics.  FEATURE BONUS of the TRUE LIFE STORIES of 6 lovely Nigerian NEW MOMS, these include Moms with multiple children (triplets), career Moms and business Moms. Hear their stories, laugh, or even cry, and see your story in theirs.

This is the Best gift for Baby shower…