We are going to be discussing Miscarriage the causes and healing process. Miscarriage is the loss of a fetus in the course of pregnancy.
Sometimes a miscarriage is referred to as a spontaneous abortion by medical practitioners but it should be confused with the abortion we know off.
 A miscarriage is the involuntary loss of pregnancy while abortion is where you go to a doctor to deliberately and voluntarily terminate a pregnancy.
Various terms used for miscarriage :
Early miscarriage – this is d loss of a pregnancy in d first 12 weeks i.e. during the first trimester
Early miscarriages usually occur because the fertilization process did not take place well or because d embryo is not developing as it should.
Major causes  miscarriages:
*Chromosome problems
*The egg that didn’t implant properly in d uterus
*Blighted Ovum
Unfortunately, these are not things that can be prevented
Threatened miscarriage – this is whereby a will spot/bleed when pregnant without miscarrying. It is common in d first trimester.
What u should do is rush to ur gynaecologist.
You will be sent in for an ultrasound scan & if d pregnancy is still viable your doctor will most likely put you on medication to keep d pregnancy.
Most pregnancies proceed well till full term after a threatened abortion.
Ectopic (or Tubal) Pregnancy; in this situation the fertilized ovum implants outside of the womb, i.e. in a fallopian tube or near an ovary. Now, an embryo cannot survive outside the womb so this type of pregnancy cannot last.
It is also dangerous to the mother because the past 8 weeks it would cause the fallopian tube to rapture (the space in the tubes is small).
Late miscarriage – Doctors describe a late miscarriage as one that happens after 12 wks & before 24 wks of preg.
After 24 wks it is considered a stillborn. Late miscarriages are rare & are more likely linked to a health problem with d mum-to-be.
About one miscarriage in 100 happens later in pregnancy.
These illnesses may include infections such as Rubella, Listeriosis & others; heart conditions.
Coping with Miscarriage:
*Know it’s not your fault. There is nothing you did to cause the miscarriage.
*Talk with your partner. Have an open & honest discussion with your partner. Talk about what happened and how you feel. Don’t build up a wall or blame each other. Don’t pretend as nothing happened.
*Let your partner grieve in their own way: People grieve differently & so your hubby will handle it differently.
*Give yourself time to heal. Don’t rush yourself – deal with the grief as it comes. Sometimes you will be sad other times you’ll be OK
*Take a break from work. The physical body may heal fast but the heart takes a while to catch up
*Get help & Support;  from a counsellor or support group
*Vent: Look for a way that lets you vent. It may be exercise or writing or whatever you like doing.