You’re pregnant! Not fashion-deprived. Pregnant women can’t slay or stay on-fleekirrespective of the occasion, said no one ever. Since when did a baby-bump ever stop anyone? You still need to look and FEEL attractive. Yes, your body may have grown a little, or a alot, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off a stylish mum-to-be wherever you are. Below are some fashion tips or ideas for different occasions you may find yourself in!


Are you a working-class lady? Thinking about the perfect work combos that would make you look chic, while still looking professional? Blazers should be your pick. Blazers are comfortable and professional, and would go with usually any shirt and pants, as well as formal dresses. You do not have to button them, and they would still look professional and stylish. Match this combination with a pair of comfortable heels, and you’re all set for work!


Dinner Date or Event

You may have a dinner with your man, or an end of the year party at the office, and you’re stuck thinking about the perfect outfit for the occasion while considering your baby-bump. It doesn’t stop anything! You could try out a jumpsuit, a long or even short dress! Just make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you decide. Going for a fitted dress? Pull out a blazer and match it with it, this may make you feel a little more comfortable if your bump is not so small.

pregnant-woman-in-pink pregnant-woman-dinner


Casual outings/Chill with your sistas!

The denim-on-denim combination is definitely a thing now. It’s so stylish and comfortable, and will work great for casual gatherings and hangouts, and even brunches or movie dates. Denim shirts and tops with skinny jeans or bell-bottoms are perfect. Personal fave! You may decide to switch it up a bit, alternating with free t-shirts or just shirts. You may decide to match these with a pair of wedges, nothing too high so you are as comfortable as ever!



Yes girl, you heard me! You can definitely still have some of the fun you used to have before preggy-days. Wanna go to chill at a lounge with beauty? Or have a girl’s night out with your babes? Think body-con dresses. Surprised? Don’t be. Be proud of your baby-bump; don’t be shy to show it off. Body-con dresses will make you look and feel hot as you can be, and would be fitting for the occasion! Go ahead and wear that dress with a pair of nice sandal heels, court shoes or even flats, depending on how much you would be dancing.


Friday office casual

you can rock tailor- made beautiful African fabrics to office on fridays. All you need to get a very competent fashion designer to help you.  You could try out a jumpsuit, a long or even short flay gown. Be proud of your baby-bump and rock it with.