Lola Akinsiun is a resourceful Investment Banking Professional of 12 years and happily married for over 10 years.

She is an amazing super mom & wife with a very large heart. She has two sons and many other children.

She has been able to combine raising children while being a career mum.

We believe you would be inspired and motivated by reading her working mum story.

Below is our interview with this amazing career mum:

Motherhoodng : At what age did you start to leave your child as a career mum?

Lola: Two (2) months

Motherhoodng : What are roles you don’t delegate at home as a career mum?

Lola : This is a tough question. However, over the years I have taught my girls to do a lot for me under my supervision.

Motherhoodng : Do you have a support system as a career mum? (Daycare/nanny/others)

Lola: Assistants at home and custodial care in school

Motherhoodng : If you use a day care service, briefly describe your experience?

Lola : – My issues with daycare at the beginning was the fact that a lot of them closed too early and also lacked good relationship management skills. But when I found a school in Akoka, Yaba, in 2010 which I settled for with my 1st son, I was happy. They closed at 8pm and were not grumpy when we picked up late.

I eventually started my own creche which I used for my 2nd son

Motherhoodng : If you engage the service of a Nanny or housemaid, Please share your experience briefly?

Lola : I have had good experiences with helps, aside a nanny who refused to help with house work but only watched over my son.
I had to clean the house myself but that was fine at the time.

Motherhoodng : How do you deal with the guilt that comes with not being with your kids all the time as a career mum?

Lola : I spend quality time with my children at weekends. No partying except the very unavoidable events.

Also, my sons sleep early so they can wake up early, that way I get to speak to them before leaving for work.

We spend quality time together during our holidays. As a family culture we have family bonding time. And its always all about the family.

Motherhoodng : Have you missed a moment in your child’s life that you regret?

Lola : Missed a couple of school programs.

Motherhoodng : Do you have dinner with your children all the time?

Lola : No.

Motherhoodng : What’s your strategy to ensure your involvement in your child’s education?

Lola : My husband and I rotate looking at their books and supervising homework from time to time and there’s usually an older person at home to assist also. My girls are in senior secondary school so they also help out.

Also I always ensure I sit with my boys to do their projects always. Sometimes the very last two days before the deadline given but I always ensure they do this with my direct supervision.

And a couple of other strategies depending on the situation.

Motherhoodng : In your opinion, what’s the hardest part of being a career mum?

Lola : Well I think its my inability to attend the children’s school activities or some functions that are important to the children. Really wish I could attend all but I am really working more on making myself available.

Motherhoodng : Can you give us an insight into what your typical daily routine is like?

Lola : Monday to Friday – work morning to evening / night. 8am – 5pm – 8pm

Saturdays – Private practise (children club) – Morning – evening (7.30am – 5.30pm) with my children all through on Saturdays

Of course I leave home earlier than the stated time to beat traffic and also get home later because of traffic .

Motherhoodng : How do you achieve a work- family balance?

Lola : I spend quality time with my family on Sundays and during holidays (planned and well structured leave periods).

Motherhoodng : What flexibility can employers of labour incorporate to identify with the demands of being a career mum?

Lola : Mothers should be allowed to work from home if needed… There should be a system of clocking in if working outside the office.

Motherhoodng : Has raising a family affected your career growth/progression?

Lola ; To an extent but very minimal negative impact.

Motherhoodng : Thank you for honouring our invitation

Lola : Thank you for having me.


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