We featured in our Interview with a Career mum Maureen Ajayi, She is a Human Resource professional with over 10years experience. She is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.  She’s married with three children. Her passion and drive for employee and organizational development led her to establish her own HR consulting firm (2012) that provides Human Resource Consultancy and advisory services to small and medium scale businesses.


Motherhoodng : At what age did you start to leave your child as a career mum?

Maureen: My first child was at 5months other two children at 2months.

Motherhoodng : What are roles you don’t delegate at home as a career mum?                          

Maureen: I don’t delegate cooking, Feeding, Bathing of my children.

 Motherhoodng : Do you have a support system as a career mum? (Daycare/nanny/others).       

 Maureen: I used to have nannies but recently I had to stop her services but employ someone that comes in twice a week to clean the house.

  Motherhoodng :  If you use a daycare service, briefly describe your experience?

  Maureen: No, I do not use daycare service

 Motherhoodng : If you engage the service of a Nanny or housemaid, Please share your experience briefly?                 Experience hasn’t been good. I have only had one who lasted 2yrs. Before and after her I have had many. They steal, maltreat your kids, bring friends to the house. I live in an estate that doesn’t allow visitors without my permission. So their friends are other nannies in the estate, drivers, workmen etc.

 Motherhoodng: How do you deal with the guilt that comes with nit being with your kids all the time as a career mum?

Maureen: It’s not easy but I don’t focus on the guilt rather I try to make out time for them and make sure I tuck them in at night where we have our chats. Because they are three I also take turns to go for a walk with them on the weekends.

  Motherhoodng :  Have you missed a moment in your child’s life that you regret?

 Maureen:  The last two when they were babies. Less than a year.

 Motherhoodng :  Do you have dinner with your children all the time?

 Maureen:  Yes.

 Motherhoodng :  What’s your strategy to ensure your involvement in your child’s education?

I do homework with them at least twice a week. We always research new things online together.

  Motherhoodng :  In your opinion, what’s the hardest part of being a career mum?

  Maureen:  Working and balancing the home front.

 Motherhoodng :   Can you give us an insight into what your typical daily routine is like?                         

Maureen: So am up by 5.30. Kids are awake by 6 am get them ready in an hour (they have breakfast too) as they leave with my neighbour by 7 am. So most times I leave at about 7.30 except for days I am going to the island then I leave by 6.30am and then my husband helps to get them ready.      Because I run my own HR consultancy business I had to schedule all appointments from 8 am to 3 pm. So I pick up my kids and we are home at about 4.30pm. After which homework, tv/playground, bath, dinner praying session and bedtime at 8 pm.

Motherhoodng : How do you achieve a work-family balance?

 Maureen: I try to plan ahead so I have a calendar/planner and budget for almost everything from meals, chores, my work schedules, school activities etc.

 Motherhoodng : What flexibility can employers of labour incorporate to identify with the demands of being a working mom?

Maureen: I think the working hours should be more flexible and where it is possible teleworking should be allowed.

Motherhoodng : Has raising a family affected your career growth/progression?

Maureen: Not really affected,

Motherhoodng : We appreciate you for your time.

Maureen: Thank you for having me

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