There are some medical terms that may be written in abbreviations but they are an Important medical abbreviation for women to always note. Many ladies got confused with the abbreviations word related to health matters. Below is the meaning of the important health-related abbreviations for women:

TTC- Trying to conceive 

GTC- Going to conceive 

FTM – First time Mum

BFP- Big Fat Positive

BM – Bowel movement

HPT- Home pregnancy test BBT- Basal Body Temperature BCP- Birth Control Pill 

CM- Cervical Mucus

MDD – maximum daily dose

NPO – nothing by mouth

OCP – oral contraceptive pill

OPV – oral polio vaccine

OTC – over the counter

PC – after meals

PCN – penicillin

PNV – pre-natal vitamins

PO – per os (by mouth

CP- Cervical Position 

DPO- Days Post Ovulations EDD- Estimated Due Date

PG- Pregnant 

O- Ovulation 

OTC- Over The Counter


Please share in the comment section below any medical abbreviations you know and not listed here.

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