“The 21st century woman is a woman of covenant and she introduces that covenant to her children. Teach your children to pray about different matters and help them build their confidence in God.

Do not compromise your values when relating with them, do not compare them with their peers, commend them when they do right. Love them unconditionally guide them from a young age and do not shy away from discussing various topics with them. You will get to know more about them and their beliefs when you do.

Be a person of integrity because your children are watching you and they are more likely to copy what you do rather than what you say.

Monitor your children’s activities, physically and on the internet and advise them against wrong lifestyles.

Prayers points from Mothers’ summit By Rev Funke Adejumo

Don’t impose your values on your children. When you discipline them, do it from a standpoint of love.

As a 21st century mother, you have got to be informed about young people. Get on social media and get into your children’s space even as you bring them into your own space too. Be committed to your family and children.
Be tenacious about what can kill them; things that can lure their hearts away from God. Through prayers, go ahead to shield them from negative influences and lifestyles.

Teach them God’s word, be there to support them, vet the curriculum of their schools and ensure that you have given them the right foundation to counter wrong teaching. Children of nowadays know many things that their parents do not know; parents and guardians needs to step up the game.”

This is an excerpt from Pastor Nike Adeyemi’s write up, “The 21st Century Woman”.
Nike Adeyemi  She is an international speaker and minister passionate about love, life and purpose. She is a global voice for love to nations.