Hello Nigerian mums, I would like to share some tips about natural products that are useful for babies and toddler.


Some of us like to use natural products such as coconut oil and sheer butter for our kids and ourselves but we are put off by the unpleasant smell of these products.


For coconut oil try putting a few pieces of sweet orange peel in the oil. Put the oil close to the window pane for some sunlight  for about a week or more. The orange fragrance gradually seeps into the oil and gives your coconut oil a pleasant smell without spending a dime.


Note: The peel can be left in the oil till you use it all.  The fragrance becomes stronger by the day.


Try as much as possible to use peels that do not have the white part of the orange. I get mine from hausa men selling orange, they peel very thinly.

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For sheer butter you can mix with your orange  flavored coconut oil or with peers baby oil. It gives your sheer butter a very pleasant small.  You can mix with a clean kitchen blender. Make sure the mix is a smooth and little runny. Pour in a container and keep in a cool place for butter to solidify.