We the current situation and report of Lassa fever cases in few states in Nigeria, we would like to appeal to all Nigerian mums nationwide to protect their kids with the right precautionary measures and education. Their safety depends on it. These useful tips should get you started in the right direction:

Tell your kids about the Lassa Fever and its symptoms: It’s easy to think that your kids don’t need to know about Lassa Fever, or that it would scare them. This can lead to more harm than good though, sadly to your family’s detriment! So do the right thing. In a non-fearful way, educate them about the disease’s effects and symptoms. They are more likely to be cooperative if you do, understanding the why behind your safety instructions.

Teach them to keep their surroundings clean: Studies show that the multimammate rat is a primary vector of the Lassa Fever. This is why it’s important that you keep your home rodent-free, with your kids’ help. help. They can do this by disposing of food properly, covering food and meals covered and not eating in their bedrooms. Let your kids know that if they spot a rat, they should let you know immediately so it can be caught and killed the right way.

Make sure their hands are always clean: Make sure your kids wash their hands thoroughly – with clean water and soap – before and after meals. They should hit the shower after school daily, and generally maintain excellent personal hygiene. Lassa is a virus after all, and just like the flu, it can be transmitted through contact.

Tell them to stay away from rodent droppings: The Lassa virus can also be transmitted when a person comes in contact with rodent urine and stool, or with contaminated household items. Let your kids know they shouldn’t touch either at school and home. 

They should avoid crowded places: Viruses tend to spread in crowded areas. With this in mind, make sure your kids stay away from them as much as possible, whether on the playground, while out and about in the mall and so on.

Speak to their teachers: Your children’s teachers can play a vital role in keeping them safe from Lassa while at school. Have a conversation with them. Make sure they are all well informed and prepared, to the benefit of your kids and their classmates.

If you found this useful, please pass on the information. We need to get the word out!

News sourceVanguard News