Thumb sucking in young babies is normal and harmless. Let it be and keep your baby’s hands as clean as possible at all times.

When is Thumb Sucking a Problem?

In most cases, kids tend to stop on their own. When a child is in school with similarly aged kids who don’t suck their thumbs, the behavior will generally cease all on its own.


How to Help Your Child Stop Sucking His Thumb

  1. Some mums paint yucky tasting things(bitterleaf,pepper etc) on their children’s fingers as a prevention measure. If you do this, please do in moderation.

2.Punishing your child won’t help because they don’t usually realize when they’re sucking away. And methods such as putting a plaster/bandage on his thumb will seem like unjust punishment..but if it works for you, fine.

  1. Children usually give up thumb-sucking when they find other ways to calm and comfort themselves. For example, a toddler who’s hungry may suck his thumb, but an older child (age 3 or 4) might simply open the fridge and look for something to eat or ask his parents for a snack instead.
  2. If you can identify the times and places when your child is most likely to suck his/her thumb – while watching television, for example – consider distracting him/her with a substitute activity, such as a ball or toys to play with.
  3. Try to identify which situations trigger thumb sucking. Is he/she tired, bored, or stressed? Eliminate as many triggers as possible and quickly intervene with a play activity to ward off the thumb sucking.


The key is to notice when and where sucking occurs and try to divert his attention by offering an alternative.