This parenting guide article helps you on how to handle an active child. All young children are active and its normal for them to have lots of energy. A substantial proportion of children are overactive, and some suffer from Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).
An energetic child is not necessarily being bad, just been energetic! and the best is to help channel that energy into productive activities that will make the child be more responsible and independent.
The following tips on how to handle an active child:
 A. Know and understand your child: It is expedient to know and understand your child deeply.  Identify your child’s weakness and strength, know the basis for each action will be a great advantage for the parent to know how to handle an active child.
 B. Age-Appropriate Responsibilities :
Engage your active child in age-appropriate activities such as cleaning up the room, arranging shoes, clothes, toys, washing of soft clothes, e.t.c depending on the child’s interest.
C.  Limit Television: Do not allow children to watch too much television as this seems to get most of their attention and can influence their behaviour.

Smiling Baby girl

 D. Routine: Let each day’s activity be organised. This development of children organisational skills. You can help organise daily activity e.g time to sleep, watch television, play, etc. Routine can help place in check an overactive child.
E. Spend Quality Time With Your Child: This should happen after the day’s activity. Engage your child in a conversation. This will help you know your child and it will make room for heart-to-heart discussion.
 F. Limit the Sugar intake:  We really are what we eat’. Avoid feeding your child with excess sugar and sweetened drinks. Excess intake of sugar boost children hyperactivity.
 G. Consistent Discipline: It is important that children especially a very energetic child know their limits and what consequence will result from their actions. You don’t necessarily have to spank a child as there are other ways of dealing with an active child without inflicting pain. Let your ‘No’ stand and when you say ‘Yes’, let it be so. Children sure have a way of getting their parent especially when they perceive they have made a wrong choice. You must learn to stand your ground when it comes to discipline.
 H.Use of Reinforcement: Reinforcement can be adopted to get the best behaviour from an active child. You can deprive the child of what he likes best as a corrective measure. When a child behaves in an inappropriate way, the child may be denied what he/she loves best likewise when a child behaves in an appropriate way, you can give rewards.  Doing this will create a positive mindset in the child and you can get your child to behave in a proper way.
Having an overactive child could be stressful but it would be helpful when handled the proper way. Remember,  you have the power to influence your child’s behaviour to suit what you want. You have to enjoy every moment spent with your kids no matter how challenging it might be and that will help you know how to handle an active child.
You have the best kids!

This article is contributed by Oluwole, Olatunji Itunu, a passionate and exceptional teacher. She has over 5 years experience in the pre-school and elementary school and She also holds a master’s degree in Early Childhood from the University of Lagos.