Congratulations you are in the third trimester in your pregnancy. Do you know how to count contractions?
⁣Counting contractions can be great knowledge to use at home to assist you in timing when to go to the hospital or birth centre.⁣
There are two ways to count contractions:⁣
1. The duration measures how long one contraction lasts. To determine duration, start a timer the moment you feel a contraction begin, and stop it the moment you feel the contraction relax. You can repeat this for a few contractions to get an average of how long your contractions are lasting. ⁣
2. Frequency measures how often you are having contractions. To measure, start a timer the moment you feel a contraction begin, let the contraction finish, and stop the timer when you feel the beginning of the NEXT contraction. You can continue to time-frequency to see if contractions are getting closer or spacing out.⁣
Many people will suggest that you report to the hospital or birth center once you have been having regular contractions (many say 5 minutes apart or less) for a couple of hours, and they are getting stronger. However, you should always listen to YOUR body. Some people have faster labours and some have longer labours!⁣
It is very important for the pregnant woman to learn to listen to the message her body is passing across per time.
It’s also important to remember that other things could come up that would warrant reporting to the hospital sooner. For example, if you notice bright red vaginal bleeding, leaking of fluid, or a decrease in your baby’s movement. If you have any concerns, make sure to reach out to your health provider sooner!
Did Do you know how to count contraction before you give birth?