8 list of house chores pregnant women should avoid: During Pregnancy your health and wellness should be a priority before any other thing, though we agree that pregnancy is not a sickness or disease and does not mean a pregnant should leave all the house chores but may need to change the ways to better suit your new status.


I. House chores Pregnant women should avoid : Cleaning livestock or pet  

In the livestock waste, there are many parasites and bacteria which can penetrate into the body of the pregnant mother through casual contact. Especially in the shit of cat, there is a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis, a serious infection. If you are forced to clean up the waste of domestic animals, remember to wear gloves, masks, and then wash your hands with antibacterial soap.


 2. House chores Pregnant women should avoid:  Using of harsh chemicals

Mosquito spray, washing liquid in the kitchen and other washing liquid types that contain highly toxic cleansing chemicals. Therefore, pregnant women should use alternative solutions such as chalk and ant tape. In the washing process, you can try all kinds of natural washing liquid such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon.


3. House chores Pregnant women should avoid : Lifting of heavy things

Things such as moving furniture in the house and carrying bags after shopping, you should not be too strenuous. The bigger your belly is, the heavier the pressure on your lower back is, so you can easily suffer from injuries if you carry heavy things. Do not be afraid to ask friends, relatives or older children to help you during pregnancy.

 4. House chores Pregnant women should avoid : Cleaning of anything that require climbing

Pregnant women need to avoid all the chores that require climbing or standing on chairs. During pregnancy, the ability to keep balance is bad, so falling is very likely to occur. Avoid standing on the table, chairs and even three-step staircases

5. House chores Pregnant women should avoid :  Cleaning the house

It will not affect anything if you just sweep in a small space, but if your house is in a large one with many floors or corners, sweeping continuously can cause more severe back pains. The solution for you is to take some rest frequently to regain strength.

6. House chores Pregnant women should avoid: Cleaning of the windows

Cleaning the window could easily make mothers slip. Besides there are the harmful effects of all kinds of glass cleaning liquid on the mother’s health as stated above.

7. House chores Pregnant women should avoid :  Washing of dishes

Pregnant women can still wash dishes but do remember to wear gloves because the skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.

8. House chores Pregnant women should avoid : Hoovering

Moving the vacuum cleaner around the house can make you tired, and you yourself should avoid replacing the filter of vacuum cleaner when you are pregnant. Animal fur, mold spores and dust can irritate your eyes and lungs.


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