Oats are healthy meal for babies and  toddlers too.   Oats are rich in fibre. Fibre enhances digestion and prevents constipation in children.
A handful of oats will provide almost eight percent of your baby’s daily needs of iron. It will also provide almost 44 percent of your baby’s daily nutritional need of magnesium and about 25 percent of your baby’s daily requirement of zinc.

Oats can be prepared with milk and some fruits.

Bananas are an amazing fruit option that tastes so good in oats porridge.

Banana contains lots of vitamins B6 and C, potassium and fiber.

Milk: Is rich in Protein which helps build strong muscles as your child grows into an active toddler, not to mention the many other essential nutrients found in milk such as Calcium and Vitamin D, which are minerals and vitamins that are essential in building strong bones in your child.

Milk also contains dietary Fats, Your child needs these nutritious higher fat content foods for normal growth and brain development.

 Can I give oatmeal to my baby?

Have heard many times when mums always asked if Oatmeal is healthy for a baby below 2 years the answer is YES! 6 months old can enjoy the health benefits of Oat meal.  Oatmeal is considered to be good for babies. In fact, many believe that oatmeal is much better for babies than rice. Oatmeal is very light compared to rice. It can digest easily and it supplies good amount of energy to the baby. Apart from all these advantages, oatmeal has the least allergic reactions in babies compared to other cereal and staples


Heat up some water till it gets warm
Add some oatmeal (Quicker oats as popularly known by many) to form a thick paste and stir
Mix some milk in water and add in the oats paste to get a lighter texture and allow to cook
Stir at intervals and take off heat when oats is cooked
Mash/blend a banana and mix into the cooked oats porridge.

Note: For a 6-8 months old baby, it’s recommended to blend the oats dry before cooking.
Use baby formula (to replace Milk) for 6 months+ food.

There you have your healthy Oats recipe for Babies and Toddlers

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