This is a long awaited post here based on request by readers and have decided to share this steps by steps guide on how to make liquid soap for multipurpose use for either personal (home use) or commercial use (to make money), Liquid soap is a profitable business in Nigeria till date, the product is highly demanded and you can create your own brand.

I started making liquid soap for personal use in my home since last year and the experience has been great and that is why I decided to share the information.
Note: You can start a profitable business of soap production with this information, you will definitely thank me!

You gained the benefits of knowing the chemical contents of your liquid soap if you are making it for personal use and you can reduce the quantity of acidic chemical for washing of your babies wears.Also it is economically good for personal use in your home.

How to make liquid soap

Please Note that the measurement below is for 25 liters production

Chemicals Needed For Making Liquid Soap And Their Measurements

STPP – Clearnniness and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 )

Caustic Soda – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/16 ) [Though nobody will sell that quantity to you. This is because the smallest quantity you can buy is 1/4. So, divide that 1/4 into four portions and use one portion and keep the remaining three portion. PLEASE NOTE: Too much of this chemical peels your hand]

Antisol – Cleaning and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) it should be soak over night. Note this must properly dissolve and look like Akamu or Starch before you begin production

Soda ash – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/4 )

Sulphonic Acid – Foaming Agent (Measurement 2 liters)

Laurel Rice – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You can do without this chemical. Just add 1/2 liter to your Sulphonic acidquantity]

Texapon – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 )Formalin – Preservative Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You don’t have to use all this chemical; 2 cap of Eva table water will do. Formalin is a harmful chemical; I causes cancer if abused. So use with care – very small quantity will not harm though.] Or [better still you can use Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid and Sodium Benzonate.]Coloring (Measurement Perfume (Measurement 

 Glycerin – (Measurement 1/4) [ Glycerin helps skin to stay soft and supple. Glycerin also moisturizes the skin and it’s a natural product of the soapmaking process. (This must be added if you will use the liquid soap to wash your children clothes).

Steps by steps Making of Liquid Soap 

Soak small quantity of caustic soda is a bowl (bowl 1) with some water.

Soak the Soda ash in a different bowl (bowl 2) as well.

Soak the STPP in another bowl (bowl 3) too.

Soak the Laurel Rice/Rice in another bowl (bowl 4) ; making a total of four bowls.Get a bucket (bucket 1) and pour Sulphonic acid and the Texapon into it. You can stir the mixture so that the Sulphonic acid will dissolve the Texapon.

Take a break of 30 minutes for all the chemicals to dissolve. You can also stir anyone of them to aid this .

Now get a big bucket that can contain 30 liters of water, and fill it half way with clean water.

Then gradually pour the Natrozol into the big 30 liters bucket and stir gently as if you are making AMALA.After that pour the small bowls on after the order respectively into the Big bucket containing Natrozol.

 That is bowl 1 before bowl 2 then bowl 3 before bowl 4.Remember the bucket 1? Now pour the content of bucket 1 in the Big bucket containing all other mixture and stir.

You are going to stir continuously for like 10 – 15 minutes.After that, add little quantity of Formalin for preservative. Remember too much of this chemical is dangerous. Besides you can do without it.

Add some color and stir for some minutes… like another 5 minutes

Add some perfume and glycerin then stir for another 5 minutes

Now you can start using your liquid soap right away or package for sales.

Please, drop your comments below let me know if this method is clear or better still if you have any questions.

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