A baby shower is a common trend outside this country but the practice has been adopted by Nigerians, This essence of this article is to share helpful guide to plan A Baby shower in Nigeria.

Baby showers are great ways for family friends to celebrate a mum to-be and expected or delivered birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party.

A baby shower theme

Since the last couple of months in pregnancy can be stressful for a Mum to-be, hosting a Baby shower would be a way of relieving her of the stress of nine months and assuring her that the delivery is going to be smooth and easy.

If you are planning a Baby shower for yourself or want to throw a surprise baby shower for a to-be Mum Please note that it should be a private celebration between close friends and family members.

As regards disclosing the gender of a baby during a baby shower depends on the decision of the to-be parent, this choice is optional because it depends on the culture and belief.

The following are the tips to plan the perfect Baby showers:

Choose a beautiful theme:

A perfect baby shower is always done with a colourful theme though the usual colours are Pink and Blue depends on the gender of the expectant Baby but in case you don’t want to use any of this colours so that your baby gender will not be disclosed; you can consider neutral colors like purple or yellow are favored. Dark colours are very rarely used in a baby shower theme but you could include one dark colour while combining it with more cheerful colours. Also, you can choose a Baby shower theme by selecting the to-be Mum’s favourite colour as the basis for the theme.

plan A Baby Shower colorful decoration

Choose a comfortable location for a Baby shower:

Here again the to-be Mum should be put into consideration before choosing a baby shower location. you may consider using an office ( If you own the office place), a home or restaurant but let be a location the celebrant will love.

Create a fun Baby shower game:

Have everyone bring baby photos of themselves to display and play a round of who’s who. You could include games played around trivia, races with eggs, candy bars in diapers – a classic! – and testing guests’ knowledge of the dialect baby names. Also, you can create a  game around to-be Mum but it must be game that is pleasant and that will not stress her.

Baby showers usually wrap up after a few hours, but the memory of this occasion will last a lifetime for the mom to be.

Make a delicious food and snack:

Foods are essential for any party including Baby shower party however it does not need to be elaborate. A simple buffet will be great with delicious Menu items on the list. Ask about food allergies or special dietary needs and put them into consideration while planning the food and snack for Baby shower party.

Do you have a Baby shower? Or did you attend a Baby shower? Please share your experience?


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