​Prior to the time I wanted to start motherhood journey after my wedding, there was no signs that Fibroids is existed in my body, until my 8week pregancy scan was done. I have been spotting on and off from week 6. 

It turned out to be a cervical fibroid(partially blocking the cervix) so I knew from there that natural birth was not an option. 

The Fibroid grew as the baby grow.I had a constant dull ache in my lower tummy through out the pregnancy. i had to go on bed rest severally on account of contractions.

At 32 weeks I started having non stop contractions as such that the doctors contemplated on pumping me with steroids to mature the baby’s lungs faster.

At 38weeks in pregnancy, the baby’s head could not engage bcos the Fibroid had taken up a lot of space.

At 39 weeks,i had elective C section, my baby boy weighed 2.8kg as the Fibroid really competed with him.

I still have that bulge in my tummy which is still quite painful to touch. I hav been adviced to remove it after I am done child bearing.

I hope my story encouraged or inspired you.

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