I got pregnant with no prior knowledge of fibroid. I cant remember now if scan revealed while doing the numerous scans . My baby was late by 1 week and the doctor told me I have to be induced because I was not even dilating . To cut the story short ,after inducing me I was in labour for 3 more days and on the third day I told the doctor to perform csection.
While performing the csection the doctor saw numerous fibroid and decided to bring the the 2 biggest one out with the baby . I thank God I’m alive today  because till date I don’t know what happen in that surgery room all I know is that it took hours after I was told baby was out before they brought me out of the surgery table . What baffles me after is , whenever I told any of my doctors my pregnancy history , they always tells me  that was a biggest risk to take . They don’t combine C section with fibroid remover . I just thank God for my life

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I got married in march,2010.After my marriage I had issues,several miscarriages. It got so bad that anytime i took in,the next sign I c is blood (bleeding like I was menstrating).then the doctor wud say part of d baby is out in the form of the blood so DnC to remove the remaining it.

U can imagine a married woman going to the hospital to remove nt 1 or two but several foetus. infact I was the topic in d clinic cos I was well know,even by name.
But I never gave up on God,cos I knew it was a trial & sure will overcome.

This ordeal continue for 2 years, doctor said my womb can’t carry baby,I did a lot of test. But I kept on praying,fasting and believe my time would come.
Later I was pregnant again and I was bleeding to but nt has much as the others in the past,doctor did all dey could do.I was told to do a scan to no if there was any issue. The scan said there was nothing inside of me and it was 3 month already.
So he said I was going to remove it again I told him to give me a month after he wod check again.I prayed and fasted, then I went back,he checked this time he saw a healthy baby with strong heartbeat.
So when I reach 5 month the water of d baby broke and came out like tap water(was a bad sign at that month).I was confused,my husband rush me to the clinic,did scan no water was left then doctor said the baby would die witin 2days.I was placed on bed rest with strong anti biotics.God disgraced d doctor because my baby stayed for more 2 month .yes he stayed for more two month cos I lost him after.
He was 7month in d clinic didn’t have incubator I was refer to teaching hospital,there they where attending to only people that register with them, I was left unattended to for hours,meanwhile my baby was already coming out on his own without me pushing he came out,its was then the nurses came but before they could carry him,get the oxygen and incubator ready he died.

When there is life,there is hope. it wasn’t easy but God knows all things.In every situation we should give thanks.
Registered in another clinic.the doctor was a specialist and a pastor too.he encouraged me with prayers and counseling.
he gave me two bottles of tiny drugs to use for 2month but said I might be pregnant before or after the used of the drug so I should stop the drugs if am confirmed pregnant.

My mind was there I just use it like a month and I couldn’t find the remaining piece of the drug.we searched the whole house so I forgot about it.(Unknown to me that I was pregnant and I should stop using the drugs).do you no the drugs was on my dressing mirror and could not see it. I believed miraclelous God blindfolded us.

This pregnancy was perfect,God made it comfortable for me,no bleeding,no broken water,no bed rest  for months.we were so happy,my baby boy was very strong and active.God surprised me more on the day of delivery,no labour nothing I just strolled into the clinic that am ready to deliver because I was already nine month(that what some women do in calabar especially wen they are in 8 months and above) the doctor did the necessary checkup and told me he would check on me later.he hasn’t reach the door that the labour started, the nurse checked and saw the head of my baby.The doctor himself was shocked that he checked himself. Quickly they took me in at the mention of the push the baby came out.the doctor said he hasn’t seen a fast process like my since his 20 years of practice.with the labour,delivery,cleaning and stitching it wasnt up to 30min.May God’s name be praised forever.