Motherhood Nigeria engaged Zobam in a chat to discuss fashion tips for New Moms, She’s a Fashion and lifestyle blogger and also a Mom.
Motherhoodng: After the arrival of the baby, it’s not always easy for some Moms to get back their body before baby, What is your advice for such?
Zobam: First of all, you have to accept the fact that your life will never be the same again until your child leaves the nest. That said, you may have to burn the candles at both ends to make it work or if its something that you can hold for a while, then that would be ideal. Family first that’s my watchword. Another tip would be to work with a schedule or around a schedule always try to find time for yourself. even if its one hour in a whole day.
Motherhoodng: Any fashion hack for New moms?
ZObam: Fashion hacks… hmmm. Circle skirts, Abayas, free tops always sand the test of time in my opinion.
Motherhoodng: Is anything called “Mum style?
ZObam Well, I would like to believe there are certain styles that are attributed to Moms, but that notwithstanding a mom can dress any way she pleases. In my opinion, I prefer decent because you are an example to your kids and other young girls who would be moms someday. So yes there is something called mom style and it is personal.
Motherhoodng:  What tips do you have for A new mom with Natural hair?
Zobam: Your hair will shed after a while. Don’t panic. Keep your hair hydrated and do more protective styles as you might not have much time for your hair.
Motherhoodng: What Fashion tips do you have for New mom that develop “Mummy pouch” after delivery?
Zobam: I will recommend body shapers to be use, don’t wear tight-fitted clothes. You can work-out if you have the time and cleared by your doctor.
Motherhoodng: Could you please share a secret for New moms to look trendy even when they are yet to lose weight.
Zobam: Please carry yourself with grace… don’t feel sorry for yourself. You just gave birth to a human being. Self-love at all times. Do what makes you feel good.
Motherhoodng: Thanks for your time great woman