This article to give useful Fashion tips for Moms to help you understand your body type figure, essential basic fashion pieces you must have and how to dress on a budget.

5 fashion Tips for Moms to slay and win Always

  • Identify your Body Type
  • Dress According To your Body Type
  • Invest in Basic essential wardrobe pieces
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Be comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Maternity fashion ideas for many occasions


How to identify your Body types figure.

There are various body types can be classified into any of the following:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Rectangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Hourglass

Please note that these are named based on their closest comparative item

Different body types

Apple Body type: You carry most of your weight in the waist region;

Your style trick should be to elongate your torso, draw attention to your legs and create the illusion of a waistline.

Wrap dresses with A-line or flared bottom are styles to invest in.

Empire cut top and dresses are must-haves.


Pear Body type: You carry most of your weight in your hip region.

Your style trick should be to enhance your waistline and arms add volume to your shoulder and upper body for a balanced silhouette.

High waisted pants and skirts are must-haves.

Billowing sleeved (bell, flares and bishop) tops and dresses are worth your investment.

Rectangle Body type: Your weight is evenly distributed from your shoulder to your waist and hip. No defined waist.

Your style trick is to create the illusion of curves and a defined waist.

Belts are essential investment pieces

Pencil, A-line and Tulip Skirts are must-haves

Off shoulder, scoop and round open neckline are great too and dresses to have.

How many of us are checking to see where we fit

Or the one that best describes us

Inverted Triangle Body type: You carry most of your weight in your shoulder region with a trim waist and even trimmer hip.

Your style trick should be to balance the proportion of the bottom.

A-line skirt and others that flare out are a great choice.

Strapless or asymmetric tops are your top choice.

Bootcut jeans are must-haves.

Hourglass Body type: You shoulder is even with your hip and a defined trim waist. Appearing like the hourglass hence the name. This styling trick is to highlight your natural curves. Wrap tops would be a great choice, well-defined tops and jacket, Bodycon is your friend, Peplum tops, dresses and skirt are must-haves.


Please note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these body figures.

It’s just the dynamics of our creator who likes variety.

The secret of every slay queen you admire is that they simply mastered the art of balancing top and bottom proportions


Here is the list of basic Essential fashion  pieces every woman should have

  1. A little black dress(LBD)
  2. Dark coloured jeans (flared  and pencil)
  3. Black pants/trousers
  4. A pair of black pumps
  5. White button-down shirt
  6. Black and white sweater
  7. A pair of flats
  8. A black blazer
  9. Black Pencil or straight skirt
  10. A pair of Sandals
  11. A leather bag
  12. A beautiful Ankara piece
  13. Tank tops
  14. T-shirts
  15. Jewellery

These fashion essential pieces can serve as the building blocks for different style building

With each of the 15 items is the solution to your I don’t have what to wear days challenges.

An understanding of your body type combined with these basic pieces makes it easy for you to develop a personal style that will amplify your personality.


Dress According to the Occasion

This simply means to always dress for where you are going per time because how you are dressed determines how you will be addressed. Ensure you always being on your A game based on your destination.

You don’t know where you will meet who is who!!!

There is only one chance to make a first impression

Lastly on the Tips

Be confident and comfortable in what you are wearing

Even if you are wearing something not up to par being confident and comfortable can make you appear classy