Everyone has 24 hours in a day to manage activities and be productive. You cannot change the amount of time you have per day. However you have the power to change what activities you get involved that helps to balance work with family life.

The percentage of women working, in business and politics has been on increase every year due to some relevant reasons:

  • Some women work to support the financial responsibilities in the family.
  • Some women run their personal business and this fulfill a long term desire that brings joy in their heart.
  • We find women in politics with drive to contribute the communities.
  • Some women are on their ways to be at the peak of their career in various professions these days.

There is no doubt that women are endower with the power to juggle between many activities at a time but it is important to focus on productive result as a bottom line. The challenges of balancing the demands of work and family life (as well as personal life) can be a struggle for many women.  Striking some balance is not only likely to make us more effective in all of our roles, but also helpful to improved mental and physical health.

Below are the suggested ways to have a balance family – work life:

  1. Avoid self-guilt: instead of occupying your thought on how you are not able to have enough time together with your children, think about how your role at work is benefiting the family.
  2. Find good child care: this is applicable to women with infants and toddlers make enquiry from network of friends and family for reference of Crèches with quality service. Create checklist to identify the standard of the crèche before your final decision.
  3. Pre plan your morning: this may sound irrelevant but it will avoid you of been disorganized at morning time. Pack the ‘kid’s lunch bag’, lay the children school uniform plus your clothes, ensure you have decides what to make for breakfast and check your next day’s to-do list.
  4. Create and organize a family calendar: Identify your family priorities before you complete the calendar; a family calendar can include date’s of PTA meeting, open day or visiting day in your child school (as applicable), time to read story books together or gist with your kids, it could also be learning family values time at home etc. please note that your calendar could be weekly or monthly priorities. You can include setting aside 20 minutes every Sunday to review and prepare for upcoming week’s activities or schedule.
  5. Reduce distraction and time wasting: at your workplace while maintaining good rapport with other employees avoid gossiping, casual internet surfing and discussion that will make you less productive. It is wisdom to focus on task and priority jobs to always meet deadline. Also at home be discipline to reduce time spend watching Television daily to maximize time with your family and avoid multitasking you are spending time with them.
  6. Develop special family activities: creating time for your child is crucial both during the day and weekends. Purposeful time spends together allow family to bond. You can consider a breakfast or family night with indoor games or as it applicable to your family values.
  7. Spend time with your spouse: remember to nurture your relationship with your spouse regularly. It a good idea to consider having monthly date night; to get closer, feel rejuvenated and enjoy each other’s company. if your family budget cannot accommodate going out together every month, alternatively you can have an indoor date night by cooking an elegant meal for dinner and have a special time together.
  8. Create moment for yourself: Though your time is divided between family and career/business, ensure you manage your energy well. Pay attention to yourself physically, health wise and emotionally.


Any useful ideas from you will be appreciated in your comment.