motherhood Nigeria present to you a completeExpectant mum and Newborn shopping lists.  Once a woman is confirmed pregnant, especially the first time New mums,   then preparations for the arrival of the little one(s) begins.  Most mums often wonder what is needed and what is not, what can be substituted and what can do without.
The basic things to get for the arrival of the new baby should be almost similar world over but there often exist variations based on clime, culture and several other factors.  Nigerian expectant mums have their environment and culture to put into consideration when choosing items for their babies. This is a complete shopping list for both Baby boy and girl.

Below, in no particular order are items every expectant mum and newborn shopping lists.

Expectant mum and Newborn shopping lists

Expectant mum and Newborn shopping lists: Bathing

1. the Complete set of Bathtub

2. A soft but thick towels (Big and small size)

3. Bathing Sponge + Soap

4. Baby soft brush or comb for hair

5. Body cream/powder/oil

6. Moveable Sleeping bed + net

7. Methylated Spirit

8. Lint or cotton wool

9. Wipes

10. Diaper

11. Coconut oil and shea butter

12. Nail cutter/baby scissors/soft nail enamel file

13. Flask


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Expectant mum and Newborn shopping lists: Clothing

1. A sizeable box or a bag to pack baby items (Generally known as Diaper bag)

2. 7  in 1 short sleeve bodysuit set (0-3months, 3- 6 months)

3. 3 in 1 long sleeve bodysuit set *2 (0-3months, 3- 6 months)

4. Mittens

5. 3 in 1 sleepsuit set                         ( 3- 6 months)

6.  short and long sleeve Shirt  for baby boy

7. Long and short trousers for boys

8. Pop sucks {For baby girl}

9. Cardigan

10. Knit cap

11. Bibs

12. Sock and shoes

13. Christening wears (According to the gender of the baby)

14. Shawl / Flannel / Blanket

15. Special Occasion outfits for babies

16. Accessories (Headband for baby girl etc

Expectant mum and Newborn shopping lists: Expectant Mum needs

1. Christening Dress for mum and dad

2. Nursing Bra

3. Disposable pants if needed

4 Sanitary Pad

5. Breast pump.


Expectant mum and Newborn shopping lists: Baby gears

1. Graco cot/crib/bassinet + Mattress + Bedsheet

2. Toys (Teether, colourful sound making toys)

3. Moses Basket

4. Car seat

5. Bouncer / Rocker

6. Walker

7. Baby Wardrobe (Plastic/Wooden)

8. Play Gym

9. Pram/Stroller

10. Carrier

11. Microwave steriliser with bottles (Optional)